Eliminating the word cerveceria etc in brewery names

This is just my yearly request to get some sort of coding so the word cerveceria, cerverza, cerveceria, cerveja eliminated automatically the same way brewery and brewing Co is with English beers when you add a new beer. Would save a lot of work down here in Latin American, which includes Miami these days


Based on other posts on here you will need to hack the site and do the coding yourself.


Looking for a Spanish brewery? Too many are listed under the the letter «C»

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Ya and cerveceria too, on words to eliminate… I guess that must be the Catalan word for it

Cervecera is used as an adjective. Cerveceria is a noun. It all needs to go, lol.

Ah ya, just looked it up, Cerveseria is the catalan spelling, so kill that too.

Tagging @joet in case there’s a chance this could happen