[EU] Free Beer Contest - Show me that cute Qoukka!

Giving away beers! Trumer, Kiesbye’s Waldbier 2017, some local micro breweries…

What do you need to do? Post a great picture of a Quokka.
Posting with the most likes wins!

One submission (video or picture) per person, keep the photoshop to a minimum.
Contest ends Friday 12am GMT.
Will ship anywhere to the EU.

Winner needs to start a new contest!

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Do you want us to hunt one down first, or to hunt 2nd hand source material? :hamster:


RB - we have an instant winner. That’s how it works, right?

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Both is an option!

Picture taken by me on Rotten Island. My Quokka-Selfies unfortunately are to weird looking to upload :smiley:



am I doing this right?



Contest is still open until Friday 12am GMT!

Come on people, how hard can it be to google some cute pictures?

Does Switzerland count? No, we’re definitely not in the EU…

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Just post a pic. A solution can be found. Probably. Otherwise spend the package to some RB in the EU who needs to start a contest :slight_smile:

I volunteer for package forwarding to Switzerland should it be needed.

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No Quokka here, but I did snap this pic of a cute mountain fox.


No worries, Switzerland is doable. We’ll either use a proxy or do something else!

I probably should not have liked all other contestants… :smiley:

If it’s a draw, I will have my girlfriend decide.

Thanks for sharing, that is pretty cute.

Sorry guys, had a busy day yesterday. But now let’s solve this…
With one like more than many others, @Koelschtrinker has won! Looks like he’ll have to hold another contest… :smiley:

Just for the record, I am posting my answer to what a quokka would think of Koelschtrinker’s new quiz question here

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Man, du hast aber an Allem was zu nörgeln