Euro Local Swap 2/2022

Hi all,

I am sure, that there is time for second round of European Local Swap in this year… Here are rules:

1, You have minimum 50 ratings and no negative trade feedback. If you have no trade experience, please feel free to apply.

2, You must ship within 2 weeks of receiving your recipients name, unless you agree with your recipient different date of delivery.

3, Set amount of beer is 3 litres. Beers from your country you can get and are not available in country of your recipient. Please don’t send generally known beers, not necessarily small breweries, but definitely beers you would also like to drink. Of course beers shouldn’t already have been rated by your recipient. Please also check favorite style, wants and missing styles of your recipient. Please update your cellar, if needed.

4, Communicate with your recipient about his wants and preferences. After shipping box, send me and him tracking link.

5, If you like, add something from your country (e.g. some food, beer swag,…), but this is definitely upon your decision. It would be nice to make your parcel more interesting.

6, Please tell me if you want ship only to EU, or within Europe.

7, Post your haul when box arrives

8, Write trade feedback, rate beer. It would be nice if you mention from who you have your beer.

9, Signup closes at 21.05. 2022 17:00.

If I forgot something let me know.

I am very curious who will apply


:beers: :beers: :beers:

I am in, EU only.

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@wendigo @Marko @MarkoNm @rauchbierlover @omhper @VastActiv @taboada @Lowenbrau @midovark ?

@VDuquerroux @TomHendriksen @SlackerMads @JefVerstraete, @japppp @minutemat @anstei @martjoobolut @rotaman14 ?

I´m in. EU only :beers:

Not too much people so far…

In, EU only…

2 Slovaks, 2 German. This is doable, but more diversity would be nice, I think.

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I’ll skip this round. I hope to join a next round.

I have to skip this round, because I will be away from home for almost 3 weeks…

I am in, but need partner that is interested on heavy stuff (stouts, porters) :). Have to cut cellar down a bit.

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I would have loved to join, but I just managed to login here after 50 and more days. I am actually not motivated to use this dying website anymore. Additionally, I still have a lot of bottles from Secret Santa.

Maybe next time :blush:

I will be on the road for most of the time the weeks after May 21st, so will likely not be able to receive or send packages at this time. Sadly it looks like I am going to miss out this time :frowning:

If only ratebeer is problem, we can and it was planned to vake also FB group, where we will also communicate. But firstly We need participants to create FB group and I started here. :slight_smile:

No, no. Not only. I moved to a new apartment and still have like a shitload of bottles of beers and wines. Hopefully I’ll be back into the swapping game soon. I see there are already two people from Germany, so not a big loss if I am not taking part this round :blush:

I may be able to take part @Cuso as I’m visiting relatives in France mid June, so could send from there but I’ll have to check postal costs first. I can’t send from the UK as its too expensive, but if the price is similar from France it defeats the point. Will get back to you.


I skipped the last one and would be happy to apply again. I know there are always to many Germans in this trades so if I can send a little later I’ll participate as Austrian, will be there in 6 weeks from now.


Hi Cuso, I am in ! :fr: :beers: I will be in holidays from June 11th for 2 weeks but I will be able to send before. Europe / EU ok

I’ll skip this again. Probably the next one :beers:

One more skip from me, I also was not able to log in for a while, and I also have way too much beer to work my way through right now.

I promise I’ll be back in the summer :3