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Experienceit distribution: an anticompetitive stance?


They distribute various breweries, including Stone, Wild, Yeastie Boys, Prairie, To Øl, Moor, Alesmith etc. Noticed this in their recent update:

With the new financial year kicking off and new excise increase on the way we’re making a few changes:
_ _

Pricing will increase across the range over the coming weeks with a full update by August 1st
_ _
Pricing will now move to a single price per item, with options for volume discounts and greater brand support for promotions in independent channels
_ _
Trading terms will be available to all retailers wishing to work closely with us as a partner. These terms will offer fixed off invoice discounts as well as improved volume buy discounts.
_ _
On-licence venues will also be offered new pouring discounts and multi month support programs. More options, better prices and greater support
_ _
We’ll be introducing some new internet only lines which will only be available to order via our TradeZone.These will be mainly limited release lines.
_ _
We’ll also be working closer with the likes of Paramount to offer single bottle orders of some of our spirits and wines
_ _

_ _
Please also note that any customer found to be supporting grey market beers of our brands or parallel importing any of our contracted brands will not be able to place further orders with Experienceit Beverages and will have their account put on hold.

Given the ACCC’s relaxed attitude towards what constitutes abuse of market power and substantial lessening of competition I guess it’s probably not worth making a complaint, but that’s not doing anything to change my view that organised and purportedly exclusive distribution is not really about freshness.


Except where it’s Stone distribution!


Curiously enough I bought a Stone Export IPA yesterday (not yet in the db here - I tend to add when I drink). It’s a West Coast IPA with brett. There is no date on it.


Get out the magnifying glass and a strong light! Stone recommends a Brett IPA don’t drink until time based on BBF date (pretty sure about that) - don’t know why they’d flub that with the Export IPA.


I see there is an August missive:
And it turned out to be about freshness and respect after all. Fancy that.

I liked the Stone Export IPA easily enough to buy another bottle. Also undated - perhaps the point is that by the time it gets here it’s sure to be ready.


Enjoy after was a Brett IPA that had a drink after date.
Any IPA with Brett you can drink fresh or aged. Different experience between the 2.

As far as the statement from them, that is more about the another company who does parallel importing.

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