FAO German Admins


I have just used Web-Bier for the first time, very quick delivery and good prices even with the UPS delivery costs to the UK.

I noticed that they have two entries in the Data Base:

I used to second option.

Could someone sort the little problem out?


The first is for the webshop and the second is for their physical store. Presumably.

I think they are web-based only as far as I can see. I merged them into the second entry.



Following the website you will find this Facbookpage which seems to be their physical store. Different address though.

Just a question. Had Krombacker Radler Alkoholfrei rating deleted and beer marked as unrateable.

No notes in the admin bit. Just wondered what was the reason. I see another 0% Krombacher Radler also unrateable.

What was the rb criteria that made it unrateable? It’s been added and verified.

Link is https://www.ratebeer.com/beer/krombacher-radler-alkoholfrei/710740/


Hi. The general rule is that alcohol free Radler/shandies are “one step too far” from beer and they are not allowed in the database.
Alcohol free beer is fine and beermixes too, but not both at the same time.
They should all be marked unrateable in the system, if one isn’t it is an oversight.

No worries. Thanks. Will note that.

Just a heads up Bieraterie in Garmisch Partenkirchen has now relocated, confusingly it is on the same-named street, as it was literally a move around the corner, it’s about 5 mins walk from the old shop but it is now clearly located in the Partenkirchen part of town, in a much nice area and the shop name Bieraterie Partenkirchen reflects this. I have added it to Ratebeer but the old place will need to be retired.


Is Plank Oids Dunkles the same thing as the Plank Dunkel Export? They have the same ABV.