FEEDBACK Changing how the alias work and are displayed

The way ALIASED BEERS work should be revised.

First Alias should keep their own description displayed. Some beers have different descriptions but both alias are still active beers…

The add picture option should be kept like a normal beer.

When the beer is an aliased, it should be displayed with the same Score/number of ratings than the beer it is aliased (right now, they are shown as having no ratings at all) AND the beer redirected name should be displayed under its own name.

And in our personal rating pages, they should be displayed the beer with the name we rated it…For example, I drank a beer a year ago before the beer was aliased (because the new name didn’t exist yet)…but now in my personal rating, only the new beer name is displayed…which can be quite confusing if you didn’t know it was aliased)

Rated beer status should be displayed to all aliases as well.

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Much of that is more than I need, but I’d really like to see an indication I’ve rated the beer on the alias page as well as the active page.

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Yes. Not helpful that you can look up a beer and assume you’ve not rated it before unless you click on the details.

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Thanks for your feedback here. Lots of helpful feedback. While some can’t possibly completed – for instance we have no idea what the name of something was/is when you rate it – it’s important for all our developers to understand the complexity of beer catalogs and what we have done historically to solve the problems that arise.

Well, when we rate a beer, the original beerID of the rating should be kept somewhere, linked with the Beer rating.
In the code, you force it to display that beerID name. This way No matter the alias, you would keep the good beer name…

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Here is how they should be displayed to be useful.

And in the EDIT options top right, we should also have the option to add a picture for this beer. It is important since both beers (original and alias) can be marketed at the same time under 2 different names and both branding can be found.

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Now with the new search, we cannot even access the Aliased beer details/page anymore (most important being its own Image, Description and Creation Date). The only way to edit it is going through the edit button on the old brewer page)

MANY BEERS EXIST AT THE SAME TIME UNDER 2 DIFFERENT BRANDING (each having their own Description and Image)
People won’t know if they had the beer if their rating cannot relate to the original name and the other way, people can’t see they had a beer that have been aliased unless they click on it to be redirected on the other beer page…this is not the way to go…

ALIASED BEERS should keep all admin tools options in the new Brewer page.

And Like I said before, the ALIASED BEERS should display:
Their Original Beer Added Date
The Original Beer Picture (some alias beers have multiple brandings AT THE SAME TIME)
The redirected Beer complete stats (Overall Score, 5-star Style Score, My score, status)
Just with a mention special mention Also known as.

You must reintroduce the aliased beer page too, not just an automatic redirect link to the latest alias.


When ratings are being merged we do merge in the date of the earlier rating into the new rating text - merging in the name of the beer too would be good enough. /Jesper

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Until something adequate is done about ALIASED BEER profiles, could at least this bug be corrected?

On the Aliased beer page, the NAME of the New Beer profile Link Entry of the beer for the aliased beer is wrong. The beer picture and the redirect URL is okay, only the displayed name is wrong.

Also, instead of just displaying the new beer name with picture, could you display the full beer entry (the same one as the beer search entry) so at least, we could see from there the full Stats of the aliased beer (scores / ratings / rated or not)

This would then look like this:

This would already be a major improvement.

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I see Alias display in Search is being worked on.

Use a single line for the “also known as”, it could help to reduce multi lines with longer beer names.

The picture column is smaller than the other beers, should be the same size.

The second column isn’t aligned correctly with the other entries.

We can’t click to see the Aliased beer profile right now from the Search or from the Brewer listing when it’s on narrow/mobile view

BTW, you should use the font size you use for alias beer to ALL OTHER BEERS, it’s smaller and it greatly reduce multi lines on mobile view.