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Festivals in Croatia

Hah, seems it’s time for this thread as well. Opatovina Beer Fest this weekend - should be some fun beers there. :slight_smile:

Also, added BeerYard to the list of festivals - the list looks fucking awesome:

That sounds amazing. Would’ve taken the trip for sure, but we’re on Holiday over that weekend. Weekend before is Bevog Who Cares - care to come visit? :smiley:

Beeryard debuts & exclusives so far:

Becker’s Red IPA - allegedly a festival exclusive… note sure how, but why not. :smiley:
Primarius Đe Sme Je Bo Brown Ale - debut!
5th Element Voodoo aged on cranberries for 11 months, maybe 3 more specials.

So, who’s coming? :smiley:

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