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First time - Am I on the right track or completely off the rails?


So, I got a kit with dry malt extract I intend to use and very little of an idea of what to do. The recipes that came with it all sound terrible. So I wanted to give it a try and formulate my own.

It’s intended to be a slightly amber, slightly hazy Mandarina Bavaria Single Hop IPA.

Can any of you guys tell my if I’m going completely wrong with this? I know no hops in the boil is weird. Should I reduce whirlpool hops and add some of them to the boil to stay at around 40 IBU?

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Nope, it’s completely fine the way you set it up. I like a small charge (10-15 grams) of a neutral bittering hop like magnum for the length of my boil, but that’s just personal preference. If you want to go single hop, doing it the way you’re looking at is usually best.

I would add more hops though, like double each quantity. I assume your 6 day dryhop is going in during active primary fermentation? If so, that’s fine. I would not leave the second dry hop in there for 3 days (again just personal preference) 24-36 hours does just fine as long as the hops are loose. I get best results when leaving the pellets completely loose and putting a filter around my siphon when transferring (to a keg or bottling bucket) It’s kind of messy, but the difference in taste makes it worth the hassle.

I don’t know how hazy you can get stuff with pure extract (I haven’t brewed with extract for a long time and in my memory it always came out crystal clear) but if you want to add some crazy haze you can probably steep a bit of oatmeal or raw wheat in there for some extra protein.

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That’s easily done. :slight_smile: I thought I added quite a lot already, but when I look at this recipe, I realize I haven’t added enough Mandarina to fill in for other hop additions I won’t have.

This is basically my philosophy whenever I cook something. :smiley:

I was thinking about adding oats, which is why it’s still named NEIPA, but have progressed to using all the extracts I have lazing around exclusively before they go over the BBD. So I’ll be alright with just a lightly unclear ale as well - it’s my first time after all, I can go hip when I understand what I’m doing and have some routine easily.

Thanks for the very useful tips, I really appreciate it!

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Just go for it! There’s nothing out of line in that recipe, it will likely bring you a nice beer, probably not a proper neipa, but so what?

Brew it, taste it and think of what you want to improve and find out how! :beers:

Edit: I would whirpool above 0C though :slight_smile: Right at flame out probably since you have no bittering addition.


That’s the plan. :smiley: Hops are ordered. Really excited for this!