First Visit to Bristol

Other than changing trains that is.

A colleague had to drop out of a meeting so I will train there on Tuesday. Meeting finishes at 13:00 and i have an open return. The one potential stumbling block is that my manager has a train back at 16:00 and that could go either way… he may suggest beers or alternatively want to spend 3 hours discussing strategy. I have put together a list on Google Maps… any must visits I have omitted? Intentionally wasn’t straying too far from Temple Meads.

You’ve got the basics covered there and more than you can likely go at

Was in Bristol for a crawl with the Wingman back in October

If time is short Little Martha in the railway arch by Temple Meads … budget 5 or 6 minutes for your train

Then King Street Brewhouse, Small Bar and Beer Emporium are all 2 minutes apart


That’s more or less my route. I go to the furthest point (Small Bar) first and work backwards towards Temple Meads. It’s just as quick to walk to King Street as catch the bus I have found.
I always look in the Cornubia and the Seven Stars. Both Cask based pubs and not to everyone’s taste but I do like to visit them. The Bridge Inn is a smart little pub but I struggle to pick up any winners in there. If you haven’t been in the King Street Brewhouse before then it will be worth your while, but I have cut that one out now as the beers are very samey.

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Wiper & True’s taproom looks like it would be a nice addition to your list but I suppose it’s getting you further away from Temple Meads. If you end up with plenty of time to spare it could be a consideration.

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Enjoying the sights.

Look right for Glory Hole !

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Already seen that film: Glorious (2022) - IMDb

Looks like you can add Bristol to the “you can piss anywhere” map

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