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Flagging an Odd Rating

Not sure if someone will spot this, but I was looking at the top ratings in the last 90 days, and tied for #1 is Lickinghole Creek Lager. Click the beer and you’ll find that something looks very, very fishy. Thoughts?


Standard RB spamming.
Are they any way affiliated with AB:InBev?

TIL “Goochland” and “Lickinghole” are 100% real, actual, place names, and not crude terms for other things. Wow.

@blackhaddock mentioned something about their 9 Mile IPA having fake reviews… Doubt anything was done about it

What’s especially off here though is that it’s listed as top 50 when it only has one review and no weighted score yet. How does that work, and how can it be fixed? I’d say that’s the larger issue here, if some spammer, or one genuine fan, can homer an otherwise average beer to the extent it appears with the top 50 sticker. Seems like a problem

I mean not all his ratings are for Lickinghole Creek. I do not see anything dispositive that would prove this guy is an affiliate or directed to write such reviews. Unless that text is word for word their marketing text or something.

Agreed. The guy just seems to be really enthusiastic about beer!

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