Flying Fish files chapter 11

I had a lot of fun ticking their beer a decade ago. Sad to hear they’re folding.


Always the same - expands, the expansion turns out not to be worth it, folds/goes bankrupt/bought out. Always. And they are talking about a 2012 expansion. 2012, 11-12 years ago! Man…

Seems it won’t be closing yet, so shouldn’t be retired yet (note to self and other admins that run into this).


They owe 10mil. No one wants that noise.

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This doesn’t come as a surprise (this kind of news rarely is).
I visited that new brewery soon after they opened. It’s not near anything to attract enough visitors and was unnecessarily large.
I’ve definitely had one of their bottled beers that was infected a few years ago.
It was clear that they needed to sell and started making the fad beers soon after their expansion. If their dubbel was regularly available in MD, I would be drinking that much more often. But getting their uninspired takes on whatever is the newest fad wasn’t going to get them much long term consumer support.