Follow Breweries Banner *Update*

I know this was talked about at length. Was there ever a solution?

Simply put: I updated my profile, signed out, and refreshed my browser.

I DON’T want to follow any breweries. I just want to make that stupid Banner go away!

“We noticed you aren’t following many breweries. Try the button below or follow your favorite breweries by clicking the brewer watchlist button on their page. Get 8 points for following 5 or more breweries.”

Please just make that garbage go away. It is beyond annoying at this point.

Please and thank you.


It is so annoying. Like a turd that won’t flush. Also, despite living in Sweden I get recommendations for ‘nearby’ places in Hanoi and Beijing

From everything I read on the past forum thread, the follow breweries banner is broken.
SOOOOO why not just delete the computer code for that banner?

I don’t write code, so it is possible that I know nothing of what I speak. However, since it has become a huge annoyance for the users of this site, why not just delete it?

as you said, I think everybody just wants to flush that turd!!
I am hoping for an answer.

The official response from Joe in the previous thread that he locked seems to imply that he had been planning on working on the activity feed more, but because he didn’t like the “discourse” in the thread and the feedback he’d received, that now he isn’t going to work on it anymore and “too bad.”


Yeah, I read that and was disheartened.
We are all, really, just trying to help Ratebeer be the best it can be in the end, eh?

I’m going to assume that the posters in these here forums have a vested interest in the site and have contributed profoundly to help improve the site. Scare US away and, voila. No more need for any stinkin forums.
As usual. Shrugs.

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I may have heard that you need to follow 10 breweries to get rid of that but I’m not 100% sure
Maybe I will try this weekend

Apparently I follow enough breweries. Mine says I need to follow more friends. Typically bullshit. Everyone in my life telling me I’m too beer focused and not being social enough.

Problem is I don’t want to follow any breweries. I know who I like and don’t like. I just want the banner to go away.

I don’t want a banner that says I need to follow people either. That is not why I use ratebeer. I use RB to keep a record of my thoughts about a brew.
I will never review 500 beers a month (nor would I ever want to) , so why would anybody care about following a lowly Admin that only drinks 100 new beers a month?

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I agree that we shouldn’t be forced to choose. But as you heard in he other thread nobody will be listening to these rants and we have to live with that.
Well, I know that many have abandoned the page, that’s one workaround.
Another is the workaround that takes the banner away. If you follow 10 defunct breweries you won’t be bugged by updates related to those; you will only be bugged by the remembrance that nobody listened to your reasonable concerns :frowning_face:


Pick Heavyweight!!!

I just wanted to re-up this. It’s still happening. It’s still a terrible function of the site that no-one wants.