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For Trade: Cellar Cleaning

Just had to do some major renovations to our basement so trying to clean out / minimize what I have on hand that I really don’t plan to drink at this point and had planned to trade in person last summer but…COVID. All kept in my dark basement that hovers around 55 degrees. A lot of them aren’t anything exceptionally special depending on where you are. Just would like to do a for trade. Everything below would total $70-ish. Just throwing this out there to see what kind of interest anyone might have, if any. Lower 48 US addresses only. Cheers~

St. Ambroise Vintage Ale (Millesimee - 2009)
Ballast Point Victory at Sea - High West Bourbon Barrel Aged
Bells Expedition
Founders KBS - Espresso
Founders Better Half
Founders CBS (750ml)
Duclaw Sweet Baby Jesus
Firestone Walker Napa Parabola
Diamond Bear Pig Trail (Arkansas rate)

Sent a BM on new system.

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Sent you one on the OLD system

This is still open. The above comments are in reference to another trade I ended up splitting apart from what I still have above. Cheers.

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