Forum feedback thread

Feel free to add your feedback, including bug reports, on the new forums here.


Wow. This is a shitty format for a forum.

Why do I keep seeing stuff from locals I don’t subscribe to?

Why is there a preview screen directly next to the text box I am typing in? Are we that worried about how our messages format?

Why change the forums when you’re on record as saying forums everywhere are dying?

Why is it so hard to navigate? All technology changes should be based on how intrinsic something is. This is not even remotely intrinsic. The reply is in a weird spot. The entire thing looks like a beta (which makes sense because Ratebeer likes to launch betas and then make changes)

Can I go back to the old forums?

I think my inbox is missing.

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I lost dozens of messages that involve trades and other valuable communications. I don’t even necessarily know how to access my inbox so maybe I didn’t?

I don’t know how to get to different forums.

I don’t know how to delete the one message I do have (from a robot?)

My forum activity page is annoying as it will be completely clouded. Also annoyed by my avatar being displayed next to all posts I am the most recent commentator on. It looks out of place. Maybe it was always like this but the format is wonky.

Can I do anything cool here?




Do people get alerts to this stuff?

And OH. MY. GOD. you get badges!

I got one for mentioning myself in a message

Here’s some help on subscriptions:

I shouldn’t need to read a thread to do simple things. That could be problem #1 with this.

As I stated before, along with 20 other immediate issues, that there is nothing intrinsic about this forum.

Do David and Katie use other forums so they can see how seamless most are?

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This is award-winning forum software lauded as the most modern of all available. It’s very feature-rich, which is the opposite of what I aimed for in our prior software, so it may take a few minutes to orient oneself to the new environment.

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You’re just saying stuff that sounds like you believe in this, which is fine if you do.

Are admins currently blocked from doing anything? I don’t even see a forum for admins.

I also can see inside all the locked forums.

I’ve been a member for 5 years with 20,000 posts and 100+ trades. Apparently I am not allowed in certain places? I dunno. This all seems like a complete reset. I’d check my ratings but I don’t know how.

In my final post until I figured out how to navigate to other forums, I will say this:

Award winning doesn’t mean its good. Lots of shitty things win awards. Beers, restaurants, people. There use to be threads about terrible beers winning awards (I assume they are gone now, I have no idea) so using that as your basis is very very odd.

Deep breath, Hoff.

Muting a regional forum takes like 10 seconds. Go read Joe’s post, it’s pretty self explanatory.

You can resize the reply field if you think it’s too big, and also hide the preview box.

I find it’s easier to follow the forums if you click on “Latest” instead of “Categories.” Maybe because it feels more similar to the old forums?

Give it a few days, I didn’t love the new forums at first either, but honestly I think they’ll end up being an improvement.


Pound Sand @blipp

There, you got a badge for getting mentioned.


I wonder if this thread allows animated GIFs?


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Love you, @TheHOFF43


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I have been critical of Joet for some things on RateBeer recently, but I actually think the forums are a decent development once you get used to them.

The badge awards are terrible though, really terrible. In fact i think Joet deserves a badge for the worst badges in the world.

Overall though, it’s good to see things happening at last.


I did this to get a badge. I hope you fucking happy Joet.


This actually did give me a badge. Also, I hearted your post. Please heart my post back, it’s the courteous thing to do.


Jesus there are so many fucken buttons and random icons and all kinds of clutter around. what the hell is this?