From which country have you only had craft beer?

From which countries have you only rated craft beer? I suppose this would exclude things like Koff Porter from Finland or other beers like that that are macro produced… I suppose it would include breweries that were later bought out like Boxing Cat or Goose Island. In any case, define as you see fit.

For me:




Jordan - 2 Carakale beers

New Zealand - 13 ratings all of craft, assuming Moa is craft



Northern Ireland probably doesn’t count for me because I do not think that beer was actually made there. Cayman Islands with Caybrew is a borderline case but I will not count it.


Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Hungary, Chile, Northern Ireland

There’s also a couple of countries where I think only 1 of my rates is from a macro and the rest are all microbreweries. They are Switzerland (1936 Biere) and Estonia (Viru lager).

Not many.

:chile: Chile
:israel: Israel
:lebanon: Lebanon
Northern Ireland
:palestinian_territories: Palestine/West Bank
Turkish Republic of Cyprus

Special mention:
:serbia: Serbia with 30 craft ratings and only 2 macro ratings

I was so close to blowing you all out the water, of my 293 USA rates only one is a macro. Damn whoever brought Budweiser to that Super Bowl party!

Sweden - 42
Hong Kong - 25
Wales - 22
Norway - 14
Poland - 7
Canada - 5
Estonia - 5
Ireland - 3

So you never rated Guinness… crazy.

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So does real ale count or not;)

Estonia :estonia: would be my top one by far, with 102 rates. Others with significant amounts would be Wales (26 rates), Iceland :iceland: (25 rates), and Serbia :serbia: (16 rates).

I don’t know if this is the case with everyone, but it’s pretty clear that the places that I have only rated craft beers from are generally countries that I have either never visited or have not visited since I became active on RateBeer. If I’ve visited a country, then I probably also picked up some macro lagers along the way!

Mine is certainly that case, with the exception of Hong Kong, where I don’t really remember seeing any ‘home’ macro lagers. Does it have one?

Sure, though not too many: Sun Lik and Blue Ice are the notable ones.

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Thought you may have had Einstok. May technically be independent but brewed at a macro initially, I believe, to be sold in the UK and US.

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Estonia - 12 (+ two more yet to be drunk)
Norway - 9
Croatia, Guernsey, Jersey, Northern Ireland, Switzerland - all 3

Stopped counting after that.

If I included pre-RB beers then Estonia and Switzerland would be off the list.