FT: Country Ticks ISO: New Country Ticks

I’m hoping to start some new country tick trades.

Here’s what I have: [Some are full bottles/cans and others are samples]
Turks and Caicos
Guam [getting soon/early January]
I also hope to get Northern Marianas and American Somoa in next few months, but I don’t have those yet.

ISO: Any of these countries. I have some examples of more common beers from those countries, but I’ll trade for ANYTHING from there. Thanks!

Malaysia - Danish Royal Stout, Anchor Smooth, Guiness
Tunisia - Celtia [Possibly Ebay]
Tibet - Lhasa
Jordan - Petra, Philadelphia, Maxi, Rockers
St. Lucia - Piton
Kazakhastan - Karagangdinskoe
Andorra - Alpha
Dem Rep of Congo - Simba, Primus
Reunion - Bourbon
Cape Verde Islands - Strela
Senegal Republic - Biere la Gazelle
Cameroon - Castel
Azerbaijan -
Antiagua & Barbuda - Wadadli
Dominica - Kubuli
Guadeloupe - Gwada, Corsaire Biere Caribeenne
Seychelles - SeyBrew
Ivory Coast - Mamba, Flag Speciale,
Gambia - Banjul, Castel
Zambia - Mosi, Chibuku Shake Shake
Samoa - Vailima
Malawi - Carlsberg Classic, Kuche Kuche
Cook Islands - Matutu, Cooks Lager
New Caledonia - Number One, Havannah
French Guiana - Jeune
Kyrgyz Republic - Arpa,
Benin - Castel, La Béninoise
Uzbekistan - Silver Pulsar, Gold Pulsar
Swaziland - Sibebe, Christies Gold Beer Shandy
Vanuatu - Tusker Vanuatu, Nambawan, Vanuatu Premium Bitter
South Sudan - White Bull Lager
Algeria - Tango Biere Blonde
Tonga - Royal Ikale
Burkina Faso - Brakina, So. B. Bra, Flag Speciale
Mali - Beaufort, Castel, Flag Speciale
Guyana - Banks, GT Lager
Gabon - Castel, 33 Export, Regab
Liberia - Club Beer
Chad - 33 Export, Chari, Gala
Turkmenistan - Yaslyk Berk, Zip
Bermuda - Dockyard, North Rock
Solomon Islands - SolBrew, SB Special, Solomon Canoe Lager
Iraq - Farida, Sanabel
Central African Republic - 33 Export, Mocaf Export
Syria - Al-Chark, Barada
Abkhazia - Sukhum, Assir, Stara Praha
Sierra Leone - Star Lager
Bangladesh - Crown Energy Drink, Hunter Malt Beverage
Micronesia - Stone Money
Congo -Ngok, Primus Biere
Palau - Red Rooster
Tajikistan - Sim-Sim, Barsburg
Burundi - Primus
Guinea - 33 Export, Guiluxe
Sao Tome & Principe - Creola, Rosema
Libya - Brau Zero
Guinea-Bissau - Pampa, Homemade Cashew Wine
South Ossetia - Tshinvalskiy
Falkland Islands - Falkland Beerworks
Mayotte - Hipo
Norfolk Island - Norfolk Island
Nagorno-Karabakh -
East Timor -
British Virgin Islands -

I have a St. Lucia Piton - will trade for any of your available (except Monaco - already had).

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St. Lucia is closed. Still looking for the others. Cheers!

Samples? Urine? As in someone’s piss who’s come back from that country?

Had a friend visiting American Samoa recently. Looks like the brewer’s stuck in paperwork, and has never really started brewing.

Yeah, not yet. A guy I trade with has family who lives there, so I’ll be able to get it once they get up and running.

Guadeloupe and Reunion (multipel) bottles I ca,n get u.
Interested in you Lehsoto! And more then interested in the Northern Marianas and American Somoa
BM coming soon.

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It looks like I am closed on Guadelope, Reunion, Malaysia and St. Lucia. And I’m all out of Lesotho. All others are open.

I also have a can from Aruba. I forgot about that one.


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