Fullers Vintage Ale 2020

Er der nogen som har spottet den i DK endnu? Den er pt. 2 måneder forsinket. Jeg har hvert år købt den i DK siden start december 2004-2005.



Hmmm Jeg synes at have set den Mads… må lige checke igen ude i byen… at det er 2020 versionen. J.

Don’t speak Viking but I hope this says …

The 2020 was bloody good fresh … possibly the best since 2004/5

I really enjoyed it last month !

Most Systembolaget Stores in Malmö have it. If the border is open yet that is.

Then I need to open mine asap.

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Seriously … they never tend to click until around 3 years old but this one was spot on fresh.

Still have the 2019 waiting its turn. Thanks for letting me know not to save the 2020.

Oh … it could get better still … you just never know. I always bag a few bottles … drink one fresh, one at 3 years and store one for later.

This was a solid 4.0 fresh for me … usually come in around 3.7 fresh then improve.

Awesome Colin!

Have to grab it online if it doesnt show up in DK. I usually quaf them fresh. Still need 98,2001 and 2003. Do you have a full house? Remember we traded the nineseven years back…

Hey Mads,

Yes was great to bag that '97 off you - many thanks.

I still need 2003 also … one of the smaller batches and the one with the least ratings overall @56!

There’s a guy at my workplace that thinks he may have it but was moving house and it was stored … then lockdown hit so haven’t followed up on this as haven’t been to the office in exactly 10 months since today would you believe !

I fully expect him to find it and for it to be the 2002/04 !

If it is 2003 I will send you a hand bottle!


Sounds amazing. All fingers crossed!

I think I know where I can get it but have not look specially for it. I’ll do that now. One of the next few days I’ll go to that place and I shall inform you of my results.

I Norge står 2020-utgaven på listen i Vinmonopolets nettbutikk, men når man bestiller den, får man 2019-utgaven!