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Good Beers for Thanksgiving

Any suggestions for beers to go with Thanksgiving dinner?

Orval. (drops mic and walks away)


How about a beer from Turkey?



How about something from Skydance Brewing?

Skydance Brewing Company is OKC’s Native American owned craft brewery. Our indigenous culture has taught us the importance of community.


Efes: The Official Beer of Thanksgiving

Also should probably have some beer made by Indians, so Taj Mahal and Kingfisher are a must…

That said, from a more flavor focused perspective, I would think malty ales would be best like Ambers, ESBs or Browns. As heinous as pumpkin ales are generally, they seem to fit the flavor profile. Maybe throw a cranberry lambic in there for good measure.

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Unibroue Raftman - always a good choice

New Glarus Cran-Bic is exactly what I’m anticipating I’ll enjoy!

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Pumpkin beers. I have a few New Glarus fruit beers that will pair well with dessert.

And don’t forget, the day after Thanksgiving is Black Beer Friday …

At my table, Saison Dupont, and New Glarus Belgian Red


This is what I think I’m bringing so far


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