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Greater London top 50 Raters

Just wandering around the site and discovered that @Leighton has had more beers from London than I’ve had beers from the whole of England. That’s some going for an American lad (well, he is a lot younger than me) who hasn’t been here all his drinking life.


I am nowhere on that top 50 list and most likely never will be; top of Shropshire though!


London must be the hardest to get into the top 50. I scraped into the top 50 earlier in the year, and struggle to move up far.

I’m top in 3 of my local Counties, Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire and Rutland. I’m off to the Nottingham Beer Festival this week so hope to increase some of my lower counties.


I have always prioritised London breweries! Way too many to stay on top of these days, though. It was fun tracking down new London beers back in the early days (2010-2013, give or take) but in the past few years the number of breweries has surged. Think we’re up to about 130 in greater London now. So now I prioritise the convenient London breweries!

I would be close to 5k London ratings now but I lost almost 100 when Redchurch relocated from Bethnal Green to Essex.


I’ve got some decent stats but I doubt I shall ever see the top 50 of London…

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