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There has to be health consequences to drinking over 20K beers in just a few years not to mention the cost!

Probably no more than any history of excessive (as defined by the medicos) alcohol consumption. I’ve been diagnosed with gout (a form of arthritis) so I’m holding it down to a quart +/- a night. Moving 12/16 oz to “light” beers. Taking B12, drinking lemon juice and water to flush the system more, and oh so sadly almost entirely eliminating most shellfish. The theory is drinking alcohol reduces water consumption (per the medicos) so I am doing most anything xpt eliminating alcohol. Won’t respond as to cost. You said not to mention that. :slight_smile:

So yes.

Well, it might have been mostly the moules and crevettes rather than mostly the beer. :slight_smile:


Not necessarily. Besides the fact that most in the upper echelons of RateBeer try small amounts of beer, including lots of samples and tasters at beer shares and festivals, many have frequent days off. The abundance of good alcohol free beer and new AF breweries is helping. 2 or 3 days off a week will cleanse the liver sufficiently.

I have regular 2 week breaks, and took most of the summer off this year. Besides the mountain of crisps I consume during my monthly beer share, my diet is pretty good.

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Did your doctor mention Allopurinol? One pill a day reduces uric acid that leads to gout. I had gout a few times and then started taking Allopurinol and haven’t had an attack since, and that was many, many years ago.

Are you still taking it regularly? Any side effects?

Yes, I take one 300 mg pill a day. I haven’t had any side effects, but some are possible as with just about any drug.

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Have only had one bad flareup - podiatrist suspected broken toe - x-rays said not - then decided on lab test - probable gout was result - so week of anti-inflammatory steroid - if I get another flareup I’ll go back and suggest Allopuriinol - meanwhile more fluids

That’s exactly why everyone needs to drink more cider!


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