Help with adding/checking a new brewery and beer


Had this today: Phiella Natural Beer - Phiella Beer - Untappd

Any help would be appreciated.



They have a website

Use contact form



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Had about 3 check ins on UT i noticed so going to be completley under the radar on here from experience

Yes, but I need as many Californian rates as I can get if I’m going to get into the top 50 and catch you. Hopefully someone else might see and try the beer when in Southern California, apparently it’s not just for boys!


It looks/sounds shit

Id imagine most discerning raters would simply scroll past given the amount of quality beer available in this era

You know full well that it would be on your flight if you saw it while on a mission. Mexican style Lagers are a thing around here and this was refreshing and palate cleansing.


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That would depend on what else was on offer

I haven’t rated for ratings sake for many years now

Of the 16 taps on offer it was the only one from a new brewery too me and I wanted something not too taxing alongside the 3 big hitters on the flight.