Here I became pissed off since you made rating harder for proper contributors again

And then I calmed down in the morning. Constructive conversation below hopefully.


Wait what happened now?

I think he means the extra click on “Expert” now the app. An extra step yes but at least it looks clean.

But at least you can add txt before score thats a step in rigth direction

Complicating the ratings (and working) flow up for things to look “cleaner” is something I’d hoped would die out here. But it keeps on happening over and over again. The admin tools are still that way for example (tho Joe is aware now that it’s an issue). Guess someone believes that’s the way to go and we’re stuck with that.

But as Craig said, at least you can add text before scoring - so a step in the right direction by all means.

Now. To be constructive - and get out of the distinctly non-constructive “Marko angery” mode from last night - can we please get some kind of option for the expert mode to be set to default if we wish so? @services


Whoa expert mode sounds cool. I don’t use the app though so no clue what y’all talking about!

Cool, I’ve just seen what you mean!

I second this motion.

SO lets have a poll.

Bugger im to drunk to poll dance

Finally rating before scoring is back! Time to try the app.

Love you, @cgarvieuk.

An option to just set the expert mode as standard would be flawless!

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Well, hopefully.

It’s been there for a month or so at least.

Can somebody drop me a message in the future when the app is good for using? Don’t see why to switch from the old app, even if functions are limited due to EOL.

It’s what pre-2017 users call “the normal / the regular / the Ratebeer” mode. :smiley:

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Well, i tried last Friday but didn’t work then. Does now.

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The app works well for me now, with this change.

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Good to hear. Thanks for the feedfback.

Well there’s still no way to see our own expert ratings and those of others on the app, the attribute scores doesn’t show up when you expand the rating…