Hogtown is now LondonTown. Get used to Harry, guys!

It’s official. We have retired and moved “over ‘ere” for good. I’ve been a London resident for a week now, so I guess I will be running into familiar and new faces from now on. Currently parked at Sutton Arms for a Fyne Ales tap takeover. Meeting harrisoni for my inaugural Bermondsey walk on Saturday. Cheers and … be seeing you!


Nice one Harry … welcome to ‘just okay’ Britain.

Where are you living and do you still use your dick to phone?

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From HogTown to SmogTown!

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Living in Mitcham. And, uh, not sure about the phone thing LOL. I want to say … “no”?

See you soon!

My other nickname is Big Smoke H so that still applies I guess.

Expected AQI for London is better than Praha this week !

Great to hear Harry

So you deserted Toronto? Congratulations on your move and retirement. I was in London for a couple days in August with my wife and had a great time walking from our hotel to all the tourist spots. I had a beer at The Globe as we walked from Abbey Road to Hyde Park.

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Just a quick update - I will have to postpone my Bermondsey perambulation at least one week - I have to stay home Saturday as we are expecting a delivery. Ah well maybe November 25 …

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Am at Wenlock Arms and holy crap so many memories. First met Ian, Chris, Mes, Ang and Duff here back in 2005. Question though - anyone know if Oakie (Oakland) is still around? Always loved chatting with that guy. Met him here in 2006. Meant to meet up with him in Toronto a few years ago as he has family in Canada but he lost my email address. I hope he’s still around - absolute legend.


Yes the bast@rd did! :wink: Toronto’s loss is London’s gain.


Bum, gotta go out to Windsor for an event at WEBrew on the 25th, otherwise I’d try to join you… Cheers!

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I did a few taprooms on Bermondsey on Wednesday just gone … saw your name pop up in a few rates from your visit last Saturday.

You are London crew now … you need to change your RB details … no more Toronto !

Welcome to the clube!

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Done! Changed my details and took the angry rant down. Cheers!

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I didn’t see the angry rant !

You can get the live version now :wink:

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I hope he is still using his dick to phone

yah think we’ll miss yah over here in nord Mercia ?

Are you planning to get out and about in South London @HogTownHarry? Plenty of places that have very few rates on here but some good little crawls. Obs Brixton but also Bromley area, Croydon area, Beckenham/Penge/Sydenham: https://www.localbreweryloop.co.uk/ (also add Craft Metropolis Penge).

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I will check those out in the new year. Thanks!