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How many raters does it take to make a million (part 4)

Oh hey I did a thing a long time ago! Where was my @??

With my current backlog I should be able to jump back into the top 2mil!

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@MiP played the role of ticky backstop for all of 79 days, but is now kaput.
Date: Tue, 12 Feb 2019 11:09:23 +0200 (EET)

#41 @imdownthepub with 17434 takes total from 982582 to 1000016
#120 @Hermod with 10510 takes total from 1996638 to 2007148
#237 @Grumbo with 7073 takes total from 2993110 to 3000183
#412 @VsXsV with 4742 takes total from 3998261 to 4003003
#673 @DougShoemaker with 3146 takes total from 4999264 to 5002410

Most sluggish transition ever.


Glad to have helped.

Woohoo, I’m still in the top 2mil.

Maybe the AB announcement is slowing down rating?

I never get a mention on these threads, just manage to miss out every time you do it. Being in the 156/166 position means it’ll be a while before I even make it into the second million group.


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About 3 people drop out of the 2m band for each loss in the 1m bad, so there’s a lot of skipping. (And there’s a fight right now for that top band - @Desverger poked his nose in a few days ago, but @imdownthepub has bravely fought back.)


And we’ve lost @Desverger, so are down to only 40!
Date: Wed, 8 May 2019 21:09:25 +0300 (EEST)
#40 @bhensonb with 17810 takes total from 982203 to 1000013
#117 @MartinT with 10700 takes total from 1997963 to 2008663
#230 @Alengrin with 7333 takes total from 2996199 to 3003532
#398 @rouhlas with 4951 takes total from 3995753 to 4000704
#648 @poisoneddwarf with 3283 takes total from 4999688 to 5002971

The 3-for-1 in the top two bands is still being maintained. The band took an even more sluggish 85 days, which is more than the naive 79*(42/41) you’d extrapolate from the last band’s time.

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Sorry team! - but the backlog is building up and was inevitable, just too many festivals in May so wont get better, but glad to have helped out for a while :smiley:


86 days later, @bhensonb, after staying unchallenged in the 40th place the whole time, finally becomes redundant:

Date: Fri, 2 Aug 2019 17:09:28 +0300 (EEST)
#39 @imdownthepub with 18238 takes total from 981767 to 1000005
#113 @DuffMan with 10981 takes total from 1991265 to 2002246
#222 @ekstedt with 7608 takes total from 2994931 to 3002539
#384 @Towey1989 with 5100 takes total from 3997568 to 4002668
#621 @MadRobin with 3430 takes total from 4998031 to 5001461

It’s a sign - everyone needs to get down the pub! (Well, it is friday, it would be rude not to.)

(@services: why was @Towey1989 not recognised?)


@FatPhil, @Towey wasn’t highlighted because he hasn’t joined this side of the site and therefore doesn’t post or read the threads (like 99% of users).


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I don’t recall joining the forum separately as well. I thought there was only one user/pw combination for both sites.

I think this is true, as the forums can be directly accessed from the “original” servers.

Date: Wed, 6 Nov 2019 19:05:02 +0200 (EET)

#38 @yngwie with 18614 takes total from 981391 to 1000005
#110 @gnoff with 11278 takes total from 1995283 to 2006561
#215 @Radek_Kliber with 7856 takes total from 2998437 to 3006293
#370 @teddybeer with 5380 takes total from 3998626 to 4004006
#595 @GeneralGao with 3614 takes total from 4996692 to 5000306

Looks like that took 96 days


Finally out of the top 100 it seems

Since Phil himself can’t post it:
11:30 < FatPhil> Date: Fri, 22 Jan 2021 21:09:14 +0200 (EET)
11:30 < FatPhil> #35 @imdownthepub with 20527 takes total from 979482 to 1000009
11:30 < FatPhil> #100 @Idiosynkrasie with 12544 takes total from 1988748 to 2001292
11:30 < FatPhil> #193 @tricksta_p with 9134 takes total from 2996969 to 3006103
11:31 < FatPhil> #328 @brnandersen with 6168 takes total from 3996279 to 4002447
11:31 < FatPhil> #521 @jb with 4307 takes total from 4996668 to 5000975


I thought @FatPhil had been given free ‘Premium’ for his efforts with stats on this site?


I think it is more a technical problem, since Phil uses some really old school browser or something. He can still read the forums tho.

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does anyone know simelar for untappd

though its really only a measure of big users

AFAIK no such statistic at Untappd.

We’ve pulled out top raters for Croatia so comparison can be made with RB numbers.

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