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How to navigate the forums


How do people get to the end of a forum thread, or look in the middle of it? At the moment I look in a thread, and it takes me to the start, and when I scroll down it takes ages for the bottom few posts to emerge, but they are not the last ones, so I need to scroll down again, and again, meanwhile I have no idea where the end is.

I’m not moaning about the forum (I don’t like it, and would much rather have the easily navigable old one, but that’s incidental), I’m just wondering how people manage to work it. I give up after a few minutes, same as with the beer ratings, which are also difficult to navigate.


What I’m doing is clicking on a thread and if I have read it before it will take me to the last answer, if there are more of one replies I’ll scroll up for the couple last two or three and then i won’t bother anymore. If someone is replying to someone and there is no quote to get any context, I’ll usually click it and read what the reply is to and if it’s all the way to the top or even somewhere in the middle, I’ll just click on RateBeer Forums up there to go to the main page and either return to the thread I was reading if there where more replies I want to read or just open a new thread.


The new forum is actually very powerful.

Re. your question, there is a slide bar that can take you quickly at a specific location for a long thread:

Or you can add /xxx to the URL (where xxx is the number of the post) to jump directly to the specific post, for example 235th post of this thread:
https:// community.ratebeer.com/ t/release-first-version-of-new-activity-feed/8285/235