How's the whole Aussie RB campaign going?

I was just in some Thai bars and found a whole bunch of Aussie and Kiwi craft beers that seemed to have pretty high rating counts (in the few hundreds) but which I’d never heard of. Seems to mean we have a lot of users down under. Is this a new development due to campaigning or did 2pac start a choppen fucken wood movement?

Also beer was pretty good, at least handful I tried. Some good IPAs.

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Think of all those poor souls who have never chopped fucken wood with 2pac, let alone heard of the possibility. Bogans the lot of 'em.


The RB team has had a lot of physical presence in beer festivals this year across Australia and NZ; we’ve also been a sponsor in a few of them too!

There is also the SuperTasters initiative that is still ongoing; bringing a little exposure to some new or lesser rated beers (all handpicked).

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What breweries were they? I would guess it is breweries that export all over Asia / Europe, as the only way any NZ beer is getting 100s of ratings is through exports, and there are several NZ breweries who do that. I can only think of a few who have exported to the USA, hence why you might not have heard of them.


All you gotta do is send 1 bottle to London and 1 bottle to Denmark and you can easily hit triple digit ratings!


Doesn’t seem there is much going on there in terms of RB usage according to this thread

Ya maybe it’s just that. The only ones we see over here are renaissance, 8wired and Moa.

Ones I was seeing there were parrotdog, Behometh, maybe others.

Well my top 10 gluten free beers haven’t changed much either to be fair. They are pretty much the same as my bottom 10

Both of those are exported all over Australia, Asia and have recently been popping up in Europe too. I know Behemoth sent one container to the US a year or so ago, but I don’t think it led to anything widespread.

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AB Inbev have sold their CUB Australian Brewing operations to Asahi for debt reduction, maybe that’s had something to do with it. Think includes craft beer brands like PirateLife and 4 Pines who were bought up by AB Inbev, also Mountain Goat is Asahi owned, Feral by Coca Cola, so maybe they are looking at exporting more. Fourpure brewery in London was also bought by Lion (Australian based, Kirin-owned) expanding overseas. Need to rate their Hahn gluten free gem when back in Sydney:


Jesus. That doesn’t sound like a choppen fucken wood type beer.

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Renaissance, Behemoth and Tuatara are easily available in Germany as well. I think they signed a deal with a European wholesaler last year.

this has been the case for longer than a year.

Unfortunately I used to be able to get 8Wired back in 2014, but it’s basically vanished since. Loved that brewery.

As I understand it the AB InBev sale of CUB to Asahi has yet to go through - some board and regulatory hoops go jump through. CUB has also just bought Balter - who’ve been very successful very quickly. I don’t think anybody is even slightly surprised.

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