How's your spread?

How many beers do you need to reach 50 in each of England’s Counties?

I know loads of you have hundreds of rates for some, but what about the lesser ones?

I only need 173 more beers to arrive at 50 for every County, but a massive 1070 to reach 100.

10 Counties under 50 with Dorset at 48, just 11 from the Isle of Wight and 22 from Rutland.

A further 15 Counties are below 100. Close to 100 are Wiltshire (97), Oxfordshire (96) and Lancashire (95).

Looking at my ‘stash’ it doesn’t seem to help much, all coming from the big hitters rating wise and not from the more difficult to find Counties. Something I may well think about and alter a little.



Long way off despite my best efforts - 26 counties still below 50; need 655 beers to get to 50 in each. My “cellar” will knock 3 off that.

More realistic targets for me (which I have been looking at) are:

  • 10 in each county - just need 5 beers (Rutland currently on 8 rates, IoW on 7)
  • 20 in each county - need 54 beers (from Rutland, IoW, Worcestershire, E Yorks, Durham, Cheshire, Shropshire, Northumberland & Merseyside)

On a separate note, I’ve also been thinking about getting Wales to first 10 and then 20 - current situation as follows:

  • 10 in each Welsh county - just need 6 beers (West Glamorgan currently on 5 rates, Clwyd has dropped to 9 after some breweries were moved).
  • 20 in each Welsh county - need 48 beers (spread across all Welsh counties except Mid Glamorgan).

Surprised how close my Welsh and English stats are in this regard!



All over 20, 3 over 50, none over 100.

Got a Polly or two in me Stash!

Clwyd highest with 70.
West Glamorgan lowest with 21.


Not so many, but Rutland (42 needed) and IoW (46) not very likely without a concerted effort. I know @AshtonMcCobb got in to Warwickshire (25) with mail order, but the Warwick Real Ale shop has stopped UK shipping since. Worcestershire (24) and Buckinghamshire (23) means a quite low total of 160.


To get to 50 rates in all English regions I need 43 beers.

Worcestershire - 9
Buckinghamshire - 11
Isle of Wight - 23

I have 17 English counties with less than 100 rates.


Not so good for me. I’ve only got 16 counties above 100 and a further 11 abive 50.

I’d need about 1600 go get to 100 each, and 278 to get to 50 each.


103 to get 50 of each.

1 from Worcestershire, 24 from Northumberland and 39 each from Rutland and Isle of Wight.

A further 7 are between 50 and 100.

East Yorks on 98 will tip over when I chug the 2 I have in the stash

Leaves Dorset, Lincs, Beds, Bucks, Leics and Oxon.

I need to get out some more!


In top 50 in all counties - and satisfied with that.


I initially ignored this as I thought it might be about weight gain, and I’m head in the sand with that one! Having seen the real subject, perhaps I should still have ignored it as I only have 3 counties above 50 rates (West Yorkshire, Shropshire & Greater London) - pulling the target down to 10 per county and I need 123 beers to complete the 19 counties that are lacking, but doubt I will ever manage it for Isle of Wight.


Seeing as I have 215 English rates with not one county over 50, it would take me 2085 beers to get each to 50, fortunately, I got three English beers in my fridge, so important progress will be made.


146 to get to 50 in each

354 to reach 100 in each

I don’t actively seek new beers based on county so I wouldn’t expect any rapid progress here. In the natural course of things I reckon I’ll get these numbers down!


Only 12 are over 50 for me although another dozen are close. But the Isle of Wight will take something special!


I currently have 15 regions at 50+ but would take a whopping 916 rates to replicate that for all regions.

I am only 5 beers short on Worcestershire, so happy with that but still have 7 regions with less than 10 rates, namely: East Yorkshire, Lancashire, Wiltshire, Leicestershire, Essex and the obvious other two. This thread is a good incentive for me to correct that this year - except on IOW and Rutland because that is just not going to happen!


12 English regions over 50 for me, and 6 regions with 100+ rates
2112 English rates but 51% of those from just six counties.

I need a (not particularly achievable) 1041 more rates to achieve 50 in each region, including 3 counties where I’m less than 10 short. More realistically I need 179 more rates to achieve 20 in each region.

I’ve definitely been targeting certain English county’s beers to get on the Top 50 list, to the detriment of other counties.

I’ll keep plugging away, might come back to this thread in a few months time.


I’ve had a paltry 12 rates from Rutland and 20 from the Isle of Wight! All others are over 50. In other news I am almost up to date with my infamous backlog :slight_smile:


I picked up a couple of Worcestershire rates from Nothing Bound when I stayed at The Bournbrook Inn Stirtchley last weekend. 41 to go…


Think that I am top 50 in 40 English counties
50 plus ratings in 37 counties

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