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Idea: Giving cities travel-guide type write ups

This is just an idea, but what about putting like a short paragraph or two on top of the place listing for cities? Obviously would only be the ones where people wanted to contribute one - wouldn’t have to be for every town or village or city. Just something short that would help travellers, could be written by locals or people who go to the places a lot. A few of us from the area could sign off on a given description so we all agree on a good general beer destination travel guide. Could have advice on finding rare beers or sought after breweries, or which places have flights and such for tick addicts.

Something like this, for DC area where I live (this is just rough and would be edited and tinkered with obviously):

Breweries in the DC metro area are rather spread out but a number can be reached via metro, even in the Maryland and Virginia suburbs. Hotspots for breweries or craft beer bars include the XX area, and … Most all breweries in the DC area, Bluejacket, Right Proper in center area and others like Denizens, Aslin and others in the surrounding suburbs do flights or 4oz pours, so DC is very tick-friendly. Rules in DC imports are wide open, meaning you’ll find a lot of stuff in the actual district you may not easily encounter anywhere else in the country.


I’d like to see list of local Ratebeerians willing to meet. There should be such option in our profiles.


Haha ya. Like a box you could check that says ‘always up to host a beer for visitors’


That would be a great idea - always wondered on the breweries page what is the meaning to the numbers after the top cities? (& how the Thai capital surged to the top 2 or so years ago)

Numbers is usually how many places have been added to each city I think? Is that what you mean? What do you mean Bangkok surged to top 2?

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