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Identification help again please

Haka 10%, as pictured.
Brewed in Belgium for Trendy Foods SA/NV, Avenue du Parc, 37 - 4800 Petit-Rechain.
5 420018000017

Untappd: https://untappd.com/w/trendy-foods/437192

Any help much appreciated.


Can you take a pic of the bottom of the can? won’t necessarily help, but who knows. GTIN points to the distributor.

My money’s on Martens if it’s a high-boost lager.

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Or if it’s Belgian-style, Huyghe maybe.

Cheers @Marko, Bottoms Up!


@tderoeck any ideas? others? don’t have a reference for cans in Belgium

10%, 50cl can, with a strong emphasis on “Belgian” beer, definitely Martens.

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I also think it will be Martens, that is where I shall add it.

Thanks @Marko and @tderoeck, stay safe.


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From left:


I confirm the information of BlackHaddock: if you search for Haka on http://www.trendyfoods.com/ you will find your can as "Marque: HAKA - EAN Carton: 15420018000014 - EAN Conso: 5420018000017 - UVC: 24.

Photo 5 of https://busy.org/@detlev/haka-beer-from-belgium-for-beersaturday-116 reads “Brewed in Belgium for Trendy Foods” (as one of the photos on Untappd), and also the code bar of photo 5 of is 5420018000017 (with 542 that stands for Belgium). The problem is that Trendy Foods SA / NV is a Client Brewer and not a Brewery. Sorry but more than that I could not find out (maybe someone from the photo of this can manages to understand which is the brewery by the labeling standard with VP819040 O9CF17B as help written above the barcode).

https://www.ratebeer.com/beer/de-leite-merci-maman-2/614094/ (Expand that photo with your mobile phone, rather than with your computer).


Cheers @labeerinthum, it was only the Haka 10% beer I struggled to find, the other three drinks were easy and just happened to be in the photo!


Taphunter has it as Martens

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Hmm, did they put that up after it was added here though, or not? Missed it before, but still, cool either way!

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Well @minutemat, they got the style wrong, it’s blond; not dark at all.


Hijacking this thread with another question if it’s ok.

Could anyone tell me under which version should this be rated?


Or a new entry?

I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s all the same beer. There are also 2 Whisky BA variants (Tempel and vdStreek). I guess there’s no mention of any collaboration brewery on these bottles you show?

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