Off to Indonesia next week, any bars I should look out for that aren’t on the places map (I’m aware like a lot of places it’s not massively up to date) - flying in and out of Jakarta, via a circular trip around Java and a quick trip up to Medan on Sumatra. Have checked Untappd too, but guessing that’s not very complete either.


In Indonesia have a look out for Albens Cider
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Coffeebeerian was the best place in Jakarta by a mile when I visited in 2013. Sadly the place in Jakarta seems to be closed now, but perhaps the beer are available elsewhere.

In Medan I could only ever locate the regular macros.

cheers. Obviously I’m not expecting a massively beery trip, but got a couple of places in Jakarta lines up so will at least start well!

to answer my own question… as expected found very little outside Jakarta. Most shops had Bintang 0.0% and their shandy, didn’t see ‘normal’ Bintang except at one hotel I stayed at and one shop in Semarang. In Yogyakarta went to Taphouse, which didn’t have the stout listed on the menu, but had half a dozen beers from apparently independent Indonesian breweries, mostly lagers, as well a a dozen or so imports but the latter were around a tenner a bottle.

In Jakarta went to Inglorious Basterds brewpub, 20ish lines of Indonesian craft, around half their own and half guest, but beware, there’s no price list and the bill came as something of a shock! A pint of their stout was a tenner, a flight of 6 x 150ish ml was £18 and then 25% tax and service on top of that