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International Beer Festival Berlin

Like each year, the first weekend of August the International Beer Festival will take place in Berlin.

2,2 kilometers of stands with (more or less) good beer, music and street food (bratwurst anyone?)

I took note of some interesting brewery attending like

  • CoolHead Brew
  • Dois Corvos Cervejeira
  • La Calavera
  • Cerveses La Pirata
  • Browar Stu Mostów
  • The Sister Brewery
  • Tarušku alaus bravoras
  • Indie Janis
  • Browar Maryensztadt Rzemieslniczy
  • Uiltje
  • Left Hand
  • Saugatuck
  • Great Divide
  • Fifty Fifty
  • North Coast

Plus, a good number of German traditional breweries (good chances to improve your ticks for Saxony, btw)

Anyone attending and willing to share a glass or two?

I will be there on Saturday, maybe one hour on Friday as well in the late afternoon.



This reminds me I need to get back to this fest, have not been since '08. Really loved it last time I was there.

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In the last years the offer improved a lot. There are so many nice breweries from abroad to try now

Don’t miss out on CoolHead! Their sours are mindblowing.

Can’t make it this year.

I like these guys beers though: https://www.ratebeer.com/brewers/stonewood-braumanufaktur/25976/


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Impression from the First day. When I reached the venue the whole sky was falling down…

I managed to try 13 “new” beers, the top being the Finsterwalder Pils.

Tasty the stout from Rittmayer, served from handpump

I could not locate the stand with Cool Head / Dois Corvos. I will try again today


My friends went yesterday afternoon too, they said the weather was awful. So different to last year where we had to hide from the sun rather than the rain!

They are Celta Vigo fans, so off the the game against Union Berlin today. Although they are Scottish, their daughter lives in Vigo and have adopted the local football team as their Spanish side.


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Just wondering whether this would be worth a visit this year. Are there plenty of places to rest our aged legs, or is it more of a standup event? Is there likely to be a beer list/map available?

There are biergarten-like benches and tables everywhere. It should not be a problem to find a seat.

Here you can find a map, with list of breweries and available beers: https://www.internationales-berliner-bierfestival.de/geniessermeile.html

It is not a reliable one though, as it happens that some brewery is missing. The beer lists is also quite inaccurate. 80% of it is correct, so you can have an idea of what you’re gonna find.

There won’t be any festival anymore. News from a couple of hours ago.

That’s horrible news! I was hoping to get to one in the next couple years.

Not a big loss

It’s not Eurhop, but as I said to the guy of Schneeeule on Facebook

I haven’t seen in Berlin yet a Bierfestival where I can drink at the same time Rittmayer, Wagner. Weheirer, Ravenkraft, Weltenburger, Zwönitzer, Founders, Maryensztadt, The Sisters, where I can have a U straight from the wooden barrel, where I can try several beers from Brandeburg without spending 4 hours on the regiobahn (Finsterwalder, Altlandsberger, Babben, Rheinsberger). All of them for 2 euro (more or less) and without paying any entrance fee.

Then people praise Brewdog for the Vielfalt…

If we think what the offer is here in Berlin (always the same hipster festival with a different name, but always with the same breweries), the IBB was a very good festival for trying different beers from different regions

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Even though always a bit too noisy, too dusty and overcrowded, it is a pity… Even if You did not like the selection, You could admire the unique architecture of the Stalinallee… :grinning:

I only went once, but really enjoyed it, plenty of other German Beer Festivals about.



This one, the Bierbörse is actually worse. At least here in Mainz. 90% macro stuff and only a few locals to round it up. And a really unenjoyable public with way to many hen night groups and people getting wasted. Nothing about beer culutre.

Oh and the prices are steep! Overpriced.

I have only been on sunny afternoon’s and they have been mostly quiet, but I can imagine what it turns into when it’s dark and large groups turn up.

I agree that most of the stalls are from the larger producers, often from Bavaria or abroad, but there are always a few local or ‘craft’ brewers at all the Bierbörse I have been too. Not been to the one in Mainz though.


That’s bad luck about the cancellation. Still, we’ve got Barcelona and Krakow to look forward to this year (as well as GABS in Melbourne of course).

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