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IP trade MBCC 2021 Ft Cantillon, 3 fonteinen Iso Angry chair, side project, anchorage,

Hey there, I have most seasonal Cantillon (some vintages, ask me) and some rarer one off stuf too for the big hitters, From 3 fonteinen I have, amongst others, hommage (2015), framboos (2014), golden blend, oude geuze vintage, zenne,…

I’m looking for BA stouts from angry chair (ba adjunct trail, ba german cupcake,…), side project or anchorage. Other suggestions are welcome too!

I have lots of other stuff so hit me up when you’re interested and we’ll work something out!



Am I invisible?

You are visible.

Not the reply I was looking for here…

You are invisible?

Strange that this trade forum seems to get only silly replies, but no serious offers what so ever. Do trades still happen here or are we only here to joke around?

Sorry man! Trades do happen from time to time, but I think this is not the most vibrant trade forums out there.

Not sure how many US beer people will be at MBCC, I think there is still Schengen ban in place. Also my experience was that interest in 3F is quite low, you might do better with some special Cantillons.


I think the problem is that most of your offerings are available in metro US areas now, either fs or ft. It may help to list the rarer stuff too.

Allright, by seasonal cantillon I meant fou foune, st lam, vigneronne, nath and mamouche, I’d be surprized if you could by them just off the shelf in the US cause even here in Belgium they are hard to get. I also have a blaeber 2018, brabantia, drogone and d’aunis. 3F Zenne b1, b2 and blend 50.

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