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Is there no Florida forum? anyway

im in Orlando 7-16 if anyone free or wants uk beer

Of January? I’ll be down to meetup more than likely.

TOOO drunk when posting. Of Feb im afraid,

I live here so that should work as well unless I’m traveling for work that week

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15th Dan the Cheeseman taking me round all the orlando brewpubs with a bit of luck but otherthan that a lot of DISNEY but evenings dhould be flexible. but more importantly if you have UK beer desires let me know so i can Get stuff into the suitcase for you :slight_smile:

I’ll shoot you a beermail tonight

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Dammit I finally passed you in Flo Rida ticks. Lots of stuff around there now.

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haha. im not premium so ive not been able to check. But i remember 2 trips ago saying to Dan i had hoped to make the Florida Top 50 list but it looked a tricky ask, he said hold on Lets Detour this Pub Crawl and i got 20 in Rapp Brewing, ended up at about 28th after that trip :smiley: npot sure how many will get this time, its not going to be quite so insane. but am doing a Orlando Tour one day :smiley:

I got 40 in one day with GodOfThunder and that wasn’t even being crazy. Places like sideward and hourglass have a bunch of taps.

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If i dont manage 40 in a week i will feel i wasnt trying :smiley:

And yes there is no forum coverage for about 750 miles despite folks asking for at least a southeast regional. There is a Mid Atlantic forum as well as Philly and NYC with both those cites being part of former and none of them particularity active.

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Just a REMINDER that im in Florida for just over a week from a week today :smiley:

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Speaking of Florida, my wife and I will be in Tallahassee for three days in early March (Thursday to Saturday).

Looking for recommendations on must-visit beer destinations - beer bars, breweries, and beer-focused restaurants - in the city proper.

Plan is to arrive around noon on the Thursday and leave in the early afternoon on the Saturday, so our time will be limited.

Also up for any suggestions on worthwhile tourist attractions/things to do, and safety tips if necessary.

Any help is highly appreciated. Cheers! :wink:

Proof and Ology are the Brewers I’ve heard of an would like to try. Haven’t made it up there myself yet since moving to FL.

Ology is quite good. I had their beers at a festival and would recommend. Nice folks too.

Thanks folks. That article is great, and the BA forum seems to agree with you. Ology, Deep, and Proof are the on the hit list, and we’ll keep the others in mind.

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