ISO: any Dark Saisons readily/seasonally available in the UK?

After 6500+ rates I finally have in my possession an 80/- beer to tick off the Scottish Ale style!
This now leaves Saison - Dark as my only missing beer style (I’ll worry about missing sake, mead and cider styles another time).

Thing is, saisons aren’t my thing at all, so I pay little attention to them, not sure I’ve ever even seen a dark one. Does anyone know if there are regularly or seasonally brewed bottles/cans that are relatively easy to come across in the UK? If so, which ones should I be looking out for?


P.S. for anyone curious, the Scottish Ale I got is Alechemy Ten Storey Malt Bomb currently in stock at Hop Shop Aberdeen in case you’re also after the style tick. I know it’s often seen as one of the more difficult styles to acquire, especially for those of us south of wall.


I bought this at Hog Back’s shop of all places. It was my most recent tick in the style so did a quick google:


This is widely available (definitely currently on Beers of Europe and no doubt in plenty of other places):

You may also be able to get Goose Island Pepe Nero somewhere too.


Cheers both of you!

Could’ve sworn I’d had Silly before. I remember finding that when I first got into beer and rating, and I was going to buy it just for its Silly name, but apparently I never did. Haven’t ordered from BoE in ages either so I’ll have to have a browse and see what else they have.


Like @lazypyro it turns out I’m in need of one beer style too. I thought I had them all but maybe something got changed. My 1 style is

Amber Lager - Czech / Polotmavý

I assume Beers of Europe would be a good place for me too.

For you @Mr_Pink_152 HoTM will serve you better at the moment (starting to feel like a personal shopper here!).

Try this:

Or this:


Thanks @wheresthepath done a little HoTM order this evening.

….and now arrived