I've Visited Every Baltimore Brewery

Yesterday, I went to Oliver Brewing for the first time (only open 12-5 on Saturdays) and have now visited every Baltimore City brewery (that is open to the public). I know its not that big of a deal but this is the place to share this accomplishment.

I guess now I will move onto Baltimore County, which I think I only need to visit 2 more breweries to finish it off.

Go Beer!


Oh man, that is definitely an achievement. :smiley: Missing only 3 (very) technically for the Prague area - one is the Staropramen macro which I’m not interested in visiting even though it’s technically in my general area of town, and the other two are / were thought to be questionably visitable (though @djoeye proved you can buy beer directly at Kunratice, I’m not sure there are direct sales at Trilobit).

What were the best visiting experiences? Which ones the worst? Is there a shit place with great beer and some great place with shit beer?

I think as of Saturday managed to get every NYC brewery, now I just hot a few more in Philadelphia. Congrats on the accomplishment that only people like us care about.


there is one that I think is great, a handful that are ok, and the rest I don’t really need to every drink. I actually re-visited a brewery I had not visited in over 6 years. Well, another 6 years is good enough.

Well done. Go you!

Nice! I still haven’t managed all of the ones in Toronto. A few locations opened in the last few years and I barely go out any more :slight_smile:

Yep great achievement! :+1:Its hard for me in the pgh area because every time I turn around another brewer makes an appearance. :wink: Just curious how many days will pass by before another balty brewer opens. :thinking:

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Nice. How many MD breweries do you have to go to have been to them all?

Who knows. Every time I look around something is closing and dead areas have missing breweries on RB. Also, I don’t think I’ll get around to the Eastern shore anytime soon.