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Keep up the good work in getting users to fly over to Untappd

When I go into a brewery it is no longer indicating what beer I have tasted. (se below).
It shows score for 11 beers, number of tasted beers for 12 of the beers, but no indcation for the user.
Short messege: FIX IT while there ars still users left on RB.
Its been like this for some time now, and getting tired of not getting relevant info fast.

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I get this sometimes as well. Just press F5 and it should show up.


Not the correct answer, I am looking for reliable data.
We can not do a hard refresh each time we lookup a brewery to ensure we got right data delivered.

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Wasn’t meant to be a „correct“ answer. Just a workaround until this might get be solved.

Do you have it everytime? For me it occurs maybe 1/20. i should take a look next time from where I am coming when this happens.

Always a good idea to make sure you aren’t logged out.

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It auto logs me out all the time as I navigate from one page to the next.

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Im getting sick of looking for a beer & it not coming up in the search results, but it appears in the brewery beer list. But by the time ive realised ive added it again.

Dont say “ah its because it was added in the last 72 hours”… It shouldnt happen full stop.

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First just to state one thing.
I was not loged out, I can still acess all areas like my beer ratings and more,.
This is just a simple fuckup where they do not deliver fresh data without you refreshing the screen after accessint it. It should have been refreshed when you search for a brewery and select that. Than the screen should open correctly wehn you cliick into a brewery. Simple like that,

Just fix it thats all I ask for.

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Yes, but sometimes that happens while logged out. If checking on whether a beer is unrated, I check to see if I’m allowed to rate it (green bar for me).

And is it possible that a browser is participating in the logout issue?

Did you not reat what I wrote? I am not logged out.
The browser displays what is received from the web application.
This has been going on for time now.
Let them fix it instead of defending it.

It thinks you’re logged out. This issue will resolve when we roll out the new brewers page. We should have a new version early next week!

Seeing is believeing, I will keep my eyes open next week to see, but I will not be supprised if it is not fixed.
I am not loged out.
As many states here F5 brings it on again. That would not happen if you where loged out.

To explain a bit better, yes it would. Reloading the page provides an additional opportunity to share your credentials from server to server. We have three different servers now and a particularly rough handoff occurs between our legacy server and what we call Phoenix which handles the newly developed pages. There would be no longer any such handoff after you go from a beer page or search to a brewery page after the brewery page is also launched on Phoenix.

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As I said Joet, seeing is believing.
So you are telling me that you have not setup propper session sharing beteween the servers in your cluster.
I am about to stop believing in you and your team to fix this.
Left to see next week if you have done anything at all to resove this.

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Has this launch happened yet? I still have to refresh sometimes.

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Congratulations to Ratebeer.
Got this one today.
What about focus on bugfixing Ratebeer instead of unusefull rubish.
If I want this I would be fully on Untappd long time ago.

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