Keezer Setup

Finally looking to build a kegerator/keezer for some homebrew beer/kombucha. Leaning towards a keezer setup with a 7 cu ft freezer as I can buy one new for $150 or so right now. That looks to hold three kegs which is totally good for our setup.

I can get most everything I need for $450(ish) at my local homebrew shop, minus the freezer. Are there any online shops that people recommend for setting these up that they have used? (Preferably ones that have an “all in one” setup.) I’ve got a few blogs bookmarked that have the start to finish pretty well documented. My local shop is nice but they were not overly helpful when I was pricing things out etc. Cheers!

Nice! I have a 3 keg refrigerator that does the trick for me just fine, but I used to have a keezer before that. What do you mean by online shops with all in one setups? You mean shops that sell all the kegging hardware for 2-3-4 kegs depending on what you choose and sells it as a kit? If so, I recommend a small Canadian business that is going international: These guys have it all when it comes to kegging and the website is good too.

This is the first time I have heard of a “Keezer.” I had to click on the thread to find out what it was. Is this a new or regional term?

No, very widely used, perhaps only widely used in the homebrewing community though. Similar portmanteau to Kegerator

Thanks for the link, that is what I was looking for. Essentially an “all in one” package rather than having to piece everything together. I didn’t know if there were online shops that had these kits potentially a little cheaper knowing you will buy everything from them rather than just individual pieces.