Kerisac "Cidre Breton" identification/question

Not UK I know but the label on the bottle I have is entirely in English so assume it’s for the UK market, literally just says “Cidre Breton” and that’s it as far as the name is concerned. Anyone know which one this corresponds to on RB?

Based on Untappd and the 5.5% ABV the possible options would be either Bouché or Brut Traditionnel

Neither “brut” nor “bouché” appear anywhere on the label. On Untappd most people judging by their pictures are checking in this one
But the name of that suggests that the above 2 entries on RB are one and the same, so it still doesn’t help me choose which one to rate here…

Well I may have solved my own question. Appears it must be this one:

I don’t understand why this has Guillet in the name and not Kerisac like all the others though, made it harder to find that’s for sure. Such a cider has never even existed on Untappd.
Freres Guillet seems to be the registered company name, whereas Kerisac is the brand name. So surely this is identical to is it not? Would appreciate some insight from someone more knowledgeable but I have a feeling these two should be aliased.

Welcome to the wonderful world of French cider identification. You are probably correct. I’ve had both ciders. The one in your picture I believe is marketed for export (UK / US) - the big 75cl French bottle for domestic.

However, unless there is confirmation from the producer it is just speculation, and they could be slightly different ciders. I last had them ten years ago so can’t offer much comment beyond that/


The website link in the description looks to need updating

Think this is from Producer Guillet imported into the UK at 5% in 1L or 330ml bottles by:

Breton and Norman Ciders|Applejack Trading Company from link see: Cidre Breton Brut Traditionnel which is the name stated on the website

Naming on ratebeer seems to be the producer name “Guillet” plus cider name “Cidre Breton Brut Traditionnel” from website = “Guillet Cidre Breton Brut Traditionnel”

Presumably that was done to avoid confusion with the Kerisac branded ciders available in 750ml wired cork bottles direct from Guillet. The Kerisac Cidre Breton Brut Traditionnel is 5.5%.

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Cheers both. The naming makes sense in this context I guess. I’ve updated its description with the correct link. I see the website states 5% but my bottle and it seems most recent bottles are now 5.5% making it the same as the French Kerisac bottles of the same or similar name. I noted that in the description too.

I’m glad I rarely drink cider if the hassle of identifying ciders like this is a frequent occurrence :sweat_smile:

Only picked this one up because 1. never had a Breton style cider before and 2. it was a new French region tick for me. Turns out I actually really liked it.