Lambic questions

Not sure if thread for lambic related questions makes sense, but I do have two very different questions.

  1. Is Hanssens Framboos same as Hanssens Experimental Raspberry? seems to differentiate these without going into details.

  1. 3F Framboos 2011 popped up recently in some beer shops. Price is a bit crazy. Does this come from the brewery or someone has been sitting on bunch of old Framboos bottles and decided to cash them in?

Not an expert here … but since no one else replied yet :stuck_out_tongue:

I think Experimental Raspberry is just the name they put on the US (international?) english label. Framboos is on the local belgian label. I assume its the same beer.

I heard the Framboos 2011 was released by Drikkeriget (distributor)…


Well states: “was originally an export only product to the United States”

So the Framboos was potentially introduced to the local markets with appropriate wording later on.

Interestingly both Averages on Untappd are nearly the same (3.83 / 3.82) which could mean they are the same or is just plain coincidence :wink:

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Not sure if that was added after my post or I just missed it, but there is an alias for Framboos >> Frambozenlambik. Anyway thanks for the input guys. :slight_smile:

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More or less Lambic-related, regarding this one:

Should the style not be “Sour / Wild Beer - Dark” instead of “Sour / Wild Beer”?


I fixed it, since it is obvious bug.

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