Les Brasseurs du Temps in Gatineau is is closed

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Alain Geoffroy, one of the company’s shareholders, confirmed this in an interview with Le Droit on Tuesday morning. He maintains that customers are still slow to return to restaurants since the pandemic.

“We always hoped it would come back. We stretched the elastic as much as we could, but we dug our hole every day we were open,” saddens Mr. Geoffroy.

The latter claims that traffic at the brewery restaurant represented approximately a third of the number of customers who visited the establishment before COVID-19 took hold in our lives. The labor shortage and inflation have led to an increase in prices at Brasseurs du temps (BDT), as in several other restaurants, explains Alain Geoffroy.

“In the end, the consumer is left with a choice and I think that in general, people go to restaurants much less,” maintains the co-owner of BDT.

Although Brasseurs du temps beers are available on some grocery store shelves and other boutiques in the region, Mr. Geoffroy also announces that the company does not intend to continue its brewing activities.

BDT beers were brewed in premises located at the intersection of Montcalm and Papineau streets. By closing the restaurant, the company would be forced to “start from scratch” to maintain this production and he believes that by no longer having a bar to sell these beers in large volumes, the game is not worth the effort.