Little beer swap/trade - Rutland beers

I’ve got three cans from Bakers Dozen (Rutland brewery) for swaps if anyone is interested?

1 x Undertow
1 x 50FT Queenie
1 x There Gose the Charabang

I’m looking for three cans in exchange, something local to you. Similar value, around £15.

We each pay shipping to each other. UK only for obvious reasons.

Thanks, Simon

Happy to exchange for Shropshire beers

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I’m up for a trade in this.
My long outstanding county.
Is that 3 for 1 Rutland or straight 1-1?
I’m in Lancashire - access to quiet a few traditional & craft breweries,

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Thanks guys, only fair I give @minutemat first refusal as the first to respond.
Will move to PM.

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If anyone is after an elusive Rutland Cider, they have Manton Hollow from Rutland at CiderinCider: Have a bottle and happy to trade a sample.


Any panda to the states on offer?

Happy to send it, not sure it will get there

Although I’ve heard rumors about a new service being offered


They have made a trip to the US, I can verify.

Fair enough - 1st response.
Please keep me as back up.

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Too late for this but I was thinking of see8ng if anyone was up for a trade. I have various Hants beers, wtc, that are sat unloved on the shwlf as they were duplicated. Would normally give them to people but it occurred to me it may be better swapping for locals with people who would actually appreciate them.

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Ended up doing a trade with @Cheeseboard.

My parcel seems to be sat at a post office waiting to be picked up, and this morning I received a great little pakage. Inc. Rutland beers, of course.


@minutemat and my good self shared the three Bakers Dozen beers last Wednesday (18th Oct), cheers @Cheeseboard. Mat is now on 4 Rutland and I’m on 25.



That’ll put me on 17, so a few spots up the rankings.

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So i had a bit of drama in all of this. Originally sourced some Rutland beers with a few spares to give me the opportunity for a beer swap.

@minutemat was first to respond so we set up a swap. I bought a Fedex label on Parcel2Go and dropped the package off. The chap in the drop shop claimed the scanner wasn’t working so I couldn’t get a confirmation (or tracking) but I was tired so I went with it.

A week or so passed and Mat messaged me saying the package hadn’t landed. I then panicked, fearing the worst / I’d been scammed so I sourced more Rutland beers in case I had to replace the apparently ‘lost’ package.

Then I get a message from Mat to advise that the package had arrived - adorned with a Yodel lost property label. No idea what happened there!

Anyway with the extra beers I’d got hold of I was able to do two more swaps with @simontomlinson & @beardedavenger

Looking forward to receiving my packages, super glad that all of mine have already arrived


I’ve yet to hear of any Rutland pandas :panda_face: escaping the island this is very distressing.


Have the day off so dropped into the shop. Package still there four days later. Apparently going picked up today. Rubbish!