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Local 4 Local (EU only)?

As per title.

Preference for the following countries (not in particular order):

  • Sweden
  • Finland
  • Denmark
  • Spain
  • Estonia
  • Ireland

Might be open to other countries.

I can share local craft beer from Berlin like Analog Bier, Berliner Berg Brauerei, Brauerei Lemke, BrewDog (Berlin), BRLO, Bräugier, HEIDENPETERs, Mash Pit Brauhaus, Motel, Prisma Brewing, Schneeeule, Schoppe Bräu, Vagabund Brauerei and can top up with Bavarian or Franconian classic lagers / weizen.

I’m quite easy to please: low alcohol beers (even alcohol free could be interesting), no pastry, no imperial, no barrel aged, no whales, no super triple hopped ales, no sour with vanilla from Madacascar, smoked bull balls or what-so-ever.

More details in BM if you’re up for a trade :wink:


Aaaarrggh… just made order from bierbazaar.be… can you send fresh ipas from Berlin area?

The final nail in the Brexit coffin.
Excluded from EU trades.
Only joking, it’s not going to be easy trading EU/UK for a while.

Coming in BM :wink:

You have no idea how much it hurts. I made a couple of successful trades with Dan in the past and I’d love to drink real ales again. Looks like I need to wait for a little while, though.

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I’ve seen anecdotal evidence that a good few UK-EU / EU-UK trades are going through OK in the last few weeks.

I received a box this week sent from Belgium (a sale rather than a trade) which arrived quick via DHL, nothing extra to pay. Box was not declared as beer though.

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