Logged into my account but if I go to account settings, it seems to be someone else's

Logged in to my account and if I go to the account settings it brings up the account details for a different person!
When I first log in if I go to Profile it bring sup my details, but if I select account settings it then changes everything to this other person’s account and the Profile link now shows their details.

This other person has a premium membership…

This same thing happened to me last week. I fixed an ID tag on your account, but you may require to logout and login in a specific way that Joe suggested I do, which worked for me (do this on all devices in which you’re logged in):

  1. First sign out here (this is ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL, even if you are already logged out):
    RateBeer.com -- Sign Out

  2. Then navigate here (IMPORTANT: to Places and not the home page):
    Now click “Add A Place” to initiate login.

Let me know if this works.

These workarounds to get past site bugs are getting out of control lol