Login issues

Yeah this is very slow going but we’re looking at the issue daily. It’s tough with no developers and me unable to push code. I answer a lot of emails about login every day. The Places link helps a bit. I’m looking at documentation and code to see if I can do anything. Thanks for your patience. I know and feel your frustration. I’m very much in the same boat.


Ummm, not really

Keep trying things. Even to the point of turning the computer off.

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I think I finally got through on my desk top after a few login’s. Gonna try rating one this evening.


I can get to ratings, just not on forums on my computer. On my phone it works.

I can’t get in either. Still working on this, looking for more help.


yea, as mentioned a few times earlier, edge is working for me for both ratings and forums. chrome still a no go.

Edge. Interesting. Thanks. I’ll have someone working on this soon. I’ll make sure that the contractor tests with Chrome.


It is very strange. Safari is fine. Chrome, Samsung, Edge, Opera all refuse to let me log in (even with the Advanced Options trick).