Login issues

I apologize for the inconvenience with failed sign on that’s currently affecting the web site. It’s been reported, and is being investigated! One can still sign in using a legacy site page (Recent Ratings or My Account page), and then clicking login (thanks Marko!). Still working on this.



I’m not able to get in at all on Chrome (though can access this forum). But managed to get in via an old bookmark on Edge.

Searching Ratebeer, then selecting log in worked for me & have managed to rate a beer! And my 1400 different brewery, pretty good going since I’ve only 3600+ ratings

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Haven’t been able to log into the rating account for two days now, this is absolutely fucking ridiculous and this comment shows GREAT restraint on my part.

EDIT: Have been able to log in now by searching my own user name under “Users”, clicking on my profile and then logging in from that page. Still ridiculous.

Any solutions? Cant lock in for two days.

Google ratebeer advanced search and log in through there.

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Thank you. I did that and was able to log in.

There you go people, no need to google anything, just click on this and log in there:


It is very strange. Safari is fine. Chrome, Samsung, Edge, Opera all refuse to let me log in (even with the Advanced Options trick).

I can continue to rate beers and places via the app.

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Nothing is working for me at the moment - no matter which browser I use, nor which method. Randomly I am able to log in by one method, only to be logged out immediately I click on anything or move to a different page.

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Thanks for the tip. The app works for me. It’s limited, but I can add reviews.


Well i was wrong about the places. The beers are fine but I’ll just note down place rates and do them when i get home.

The site has been working perfectly fine for me until just now when I logged into the forum as well, for the first time in weeks. Then suddenly I was logged out of the rest of the site, and struggled to get back in. Could the problems be related to handling of logins?

Yet again nothing works on this site again.
Can’t login anywhere.

Can someone sort it out.

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For technical issues, I can’t help, other than tag @joet

Back online?

No news is good news?? @joet

" Trouble With Login? Thank you for your patience as we work to resolve the issue. In the meantime, you can access site-wide login from the Places section."