Mash Paddle (UK)


Users and a heads up to admin, please don’t remove (UK) when adding beers.

It’s there for a reason … there’s a Canadian Mash Paddle that existed some 5 years previously.

Also @beardedavenger

The Mango Unchained (already on the site) but you added again with “: A Fruity Rebellion”.

Any reason for this? I mean it’s clearly the same beer in my mind, but aside from the UT name (it’s also on there as ‘Sour Mango Mashup’ - again, same beer) … none of the pictures or the tap list show the ‘Fruity Rebellion’ aspect of the naming?


I am a aheep. Googled it when I had sat down and that’s what I saw somewhere. I’d ordered it 2 minute’s before so it’s a bit much to expect me to remember that far back in time.

All of the Mash Paddle 4.5% Apricot Mango sours are Sour Mango Smashup I believe. As far as I can see, and despite what it says on Untappd, Mango Unchained has never existed, other than as an entry on a beer board one day by a bored bar tender.

I see this all the time in Asia. A bar tender writes the wrong beer on the board, someone adds it to Untappd and hundreds of people end up rating a beer that doesn’t even exist.

I like even more on Untapped when they add their photo of the beer they are having, which isn’t even the beer they are ticking stars on.

I’ve always cautioned people about trying to go the extra step with tap boards because in my experience there is lots of room for error. Literally, saw the top of the keg and it say the name that didn’t match or have know the brewers personally but for an event the taproom changes it for marketing.