Mbcc 2024

Important information for everyone who are planning to attend MBCC 2024 next year! Eurovision song contest is at Malmö during SAME WEEK so Copenhagen will also be full of music idiots and hotel prices are already sky high. I blame those who didnt let Käärijä win…



Good to know. My wife and I just purchased tickets today. We will definitely try to get accommodations ASAP.

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Käärijä was robbed just so that the ABBA 50th anniversary which ABBA won’t even reunite for would be in Sweden, that much is true hahah.

And that sucks, I was considering finally going there then, let’s see if I’ll be able to find a couch to crash on if I do.

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Thanks for the headsup. Booked my room now.

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Eurovision bottle sharing? Anyone? :grinning:

The price of my hostel room has doubled.

Well… Cabinn City was last year 60e. Now it is already fully booked and Cabinn Copenhagen is 123e.
Also flights from Helsinki last year 120-140e and now almost 300e…
Looks like I have to skip wednesday.


Could this partnership/minority stake affect this years edition?

Flights and hotel booked.
See you there.

Hoping not too badly. My wife and I have tickets for a session as well.

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I wonder what will happen to “Carlsberg Free Zone”-sings at Mikkeller brand bars in Copenhagen?


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They cross off word “zone” and start selling Carlsberg Alcohol-free 0.0%.

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Looks like MBCC has released all the side events and tap lists for them. I will be on the move on Thursday at Moksa TTO & Clag/Dankhouse TTO. Also interesting Marlobobo bottle pour at new bottle shop.
Peders has still Forager event marked for Thursday. It was phenomenal last year but I dont know are they still going to have it this year? Anyone know?
For hardcore drinkers there is very interesting Side Project TTO at Fermentoren on Saturday which you can visit during session break!



Regarding Peders - Forager/Humble Forager, seems like they are just waiting to see if they get the licence in time I believe. They been in there doing work in the bar and selling cans (I was meant to go by yesterday after work but didn’t make it) - keeping fingers crossed everything falls into place :slight_smile:

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I will be around, but I am not sure which events I will aim for. I am only going to one session. Given that I am American, I will probably try to get the European brewery events instead. That said, I would love to grab a beer with ratebeerians, and I may bring a few bottles of some American stuff to share if anyone would be so inclined.

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No Forager TTO, but this pop-up event



Beer list!


Exciting. Looking at this makes me sad I am going to just one session, but I probably shouldn’t do more haha.

Amalgamated list of TTO’s/Bottle Releases/Events around town…

Saturday (04/05)

• 10.00: "Viktoriagade Street Party & Mikkeller Bar Birthday 2024” @ Mikkeller Bar Viktoriagade

• 12.00: "Omnipollo TTO” @ Mikkeller Bar Viktoriagade

Sunday (05/05)

• 05.00: "Hill Farmstead Brewery” @ Mikkeller Bar CPH Airport

Monday (06/05)

• 10.00: “Halfway Crooks Beer Release” @ Mikkeller & Friends Bottle Shop

Tuesday (07/05)

• 10.00: “Fast Fashion Brewing, Invasive Species Brewing & Saint Errant Brewing” @ Mikkeller & Friends Bottle Shop

• 11.30: “Warpigs Barrel Aged Beer Release” @ Warpigs

• 12.00: “Salikatt Brewery, Folkingebrew, Lupum Brewery, Arpus Brewing & Azvex Brewing TTO” @ Mikkeller & Friends

Wednesday (08/05)

• 10.00: “Moksa Brewing, Pulpit Rock Brewing Co., GOAL. Brewing & Pleasanti Street Beer Release” @ Mikkeller & Friends Bottle Shop

• 12.00: “Saint Errant Brewing & Lua Brewing TTO” @ Mikkeller Bar Viktoriagade

• 12.00: “Toppling Goliath Brewing Co. TTO” @ Mikkeller & Friends

• 13.00: “HOPPY PEOPLE (CH) TTO” @ Fermentoren

• 13.00: “Trillium Can Sale” @ Fermentoren

• 14.00: “Insight Cellars 1st Anniversary and Congruity: Cuvée 2022 Release” @ Insight Cellars

• 14:00: "Double Tap Takeover/MTB | Gamma & Tuju @ Væskebalancen Bar & Bottleshop

• 18.00: “Donck Tasting & Oyster Pairing” @ Mikkeller Baghaven

Thursday (09/05)

• 10.00: “Lua Brewing & Fremont Brewing Beer Release” @ Mikkeller & Friends Bottle Shop

• 11.00: “Bofkont Tasting & La Fruitiére Cheese Pairing” @ Mikkeller Baghaven

• 11.00: “OMNIPOLLO TTO” @ Kihoskh Bar

• 12.00: “Moksa Brewing Co. TTO” @ Mikkeller & Friends

• 12.00: “3 Sons Release Party” @ Warpigs

• 12.00: “Clag Brewing, Dankhouse Brewing & GOAL. Brewing TTO” @ Mikkeller Bar Viktoriagade

• 13.00: “Marlobobo Exclusive Bottle Pour” @ A Can Shop


• 14.00: “Brouwerij 3 Fonteinen Tasting” @ Villa Copenhagen

• 14.00: “Dekkera Brewing & Pleasanti Street Tasting” @ Mikkeller Baghaven

• 14:00: "Double Tap Takeover/MTB | Bad Seed + Vault City @ Væskebalancen Bar & Bottleshop

• 15:00: “Põhjal TTO” @ Himmeriget

• 17.30: “Métaphore Tasting & Arla Unika Cheese Pairing” @ Mikkeller Baghaven

Friday (10/05)

• 10-14.00: “MBCC Yellow Ticket” @ Øksnehallen

• 13.00: “POMONA ISLAND (UK) TTO” @ Fermentoren

• 14:00: "Double Tap Takeover/MTB | O/O & Slowburn @ Væskebalancen Bar & Bottleshop

• 14.15: “Stella & Polly Release” @ Bento restaurant & cocktail bar

• 16-20.00: “MBCC Blue Ticket” @ Øksnehallen

Saturday (11/05)

• 09.00: “Beer Geek Breakfast” @ Mikkeller Bar Viktoriagade

• 10-14.00: “MBCC Red Ticket” @ Øksnehallen

• 12.00: “Willibald Farm Brewery TTO” @ Mikkeller Bar Viktoriagade

• 13.00: “SIDE PROJECT(US)//OVERTONE(UK) TTO” @ Fermentoren

• 15:00: "Double Tap Takeover/MTB | Insight Cellars & CPH Commons @ Væskebalancen Bar & Bottleshop

• 16-20.00: “MBCC Green Ticket” @ Øksnehallen

Sunday (12/05)

• 10.00: “Nerd Brewing, Marlobobo, Emperor’s Brewery & 3 Fonteinen Beer Release” @ Mikkeller & Friends Bottle Shop

• 11.00: “Chicken Maple Brunch & Mead Pairing” @ Warpigs

• 13.00: “TRILLIUM (US) TTO & Sunday BBQ” @ Fermentoren

• 14.00: “Mikkeller Canal Tour” @ Nyhavn


Which session are you going? Didnt we meet at Helsinki couple of years ago? Feel free to meet me during session. I am easy to recongnize… big fat bald guy wearing pro-ukraina t-shirt…


We did indeed meet. I think I will recognize you (my wife did recognize you last time from your RB thumbnail). Blue session for me.