Mexico City

My brother is going in a few days. I know some good places like El Grifo, Tasting Room, Trappist, Craft Society and Drunkendog. Are there any new good places? What are the best places to get relatively fresh to-go beers?

I am just going to preemptively tag @solidfunk

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Ya drunken dog has tons of to-go beer, as does Trappist. At drunken dog if you look through cooler you can find a few hard to find Mexican state ticks. Those are both bars, but La Belga is the best store, with lots of good stuff and knowledgeable staff. It’s a hole in the wall.

There is a relativley new place with dozens of taps, but not many bottles/cans: More taps than drunkendog but perhaps not quite so well curated. There is also a smaller Hop the beer experience a little closer to where many of the other breweries/beer bars are in Roma Norte/Condesa neighborhoods.

Morenos tasting room is also pretty nice for taplist, not sure about to go bottles etc.

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