Moldova sept 2-9

Hey all

I will be travelling to Moldova from september 2nd till the 9th.

Any tips for good places or a place where i could get beer from transnistria in either Chişinǎu, Soroca or Balti?

Of any local is active here and they could aquire some bottles i would be open to pay you

@dnicolaescu - if you can see this? :slight_smile:

No, but I got an email notification. :wink:

Partly the point. :smiley: Can you help SVD by any chance?

I would be gratefull if @dnicolaescu could help me with either transnistria and/or recomendations etc but i am neither willing to push myself onto people nor willing to be a bother :sweat_smile:

Hi there!

Yeah, sure, with greatest pleasure.

For local ticks, the best places are Taproom27 and Craft Baza (multiple locations) - both in the center of Chișinău and usually have 15-20 local beers from small breweries. The former has flights.

Also, check out Keller Holz Pub, 1516 Pub/RockScor and Lakehouse brewpub - these are more like restaurants that belong to their respective breweries and only have their own beer.

If you get in by air, there’s the Lumencraft Pub right at the airport (before departure or after arrival) serving their own brews.

As for Transnistrian stuff - it used to be hard to get them outside of Transnistria, but these days I think they are sold even in Chișinău supermarkets. Give me a ping closer to your arrival date and I’ll try to pinpoint you to an exact place where you can find those beers.

Are you planning to also visit Transnistria?



Hi thnx for the tips!

Sadly we will not visit transnistria with current political stuff and our jobs… that would not be smart haha. Another time hopefully.

I will ping in a few weeks and once again thnx for the tips!

Also any tips for touristy stuff in the capital or soroca or balti or the routes leading up these places are welcome :slight_smile:

Hi @ dnicolaescu in 1.5 weeks i will be arriving in Moldova. the planning is:
Sept 2 - Sept 5 > Chisinau
Sept 6 > Soroca
Sept 7 > Balti
Sept 8 + 9 Chisinau

Any help finding Transnistrian beers would be very hulpfull! any other beer tips especially for the area around Soroca and Balti are also welcome!

thank you in advance and much appreciated

Hi @dnicolaescu sorry to bother you but if you are unable to log in due to that bug here with logging in. I found you on untappd with my account S-V-D. might be easier to contact you there.

If you havent had time to look or something no worries!

Sorry for being so slow… Was looking for Transnistrian beer before replying.

Not much of it these days in Chișinău, unfortunately. The only place I found is in a suburb (Google Maps), but at least on your way to Soroca and Bălți, so should be an easy pick. They sell in take-away plastic growlers, Eastern-european style. On Friday they had the classic: , as well as two new beers from the same brewery.
Will keep you up to date if I manage to find it anywhere else in town.

In the Soroca region you have the RockScor brewery and restaurant (Google Maps) - a must - quite a fancy place, especially considering it’s basically in the middle of nowhere.

If you really need a rare local tick - there’s another small brewery in Soroca They used to have small shop / stall (Google Maps) not far away from the fortress.

More tourist stuff in Soroca, other than the fortress, might be the Candle of Gratitude Google Maps - the monument itself is not of much interest to be honest, but the hill, climbing those few hundred stairs and the view are nice. Also, visit the Gipsy Hill - a neighbourhood with some fancy super-kitschy gipsy civil architecture.

In Bălți, there’s the Beermaster brewery and their old / original Pub Not much else interesting in Bălți.


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Hi Dorin

thank you so much for the information! much appreciated.

@dnicolaescu thank you so much for the tips! Had a great time travelling through Moldova. I found one transnistrian (krepost orignalskoe) on my own at Artizan craftshop, near Beerhouse. And the funny/odd beer store near the highway you mentioned had the krepost klassik. So i finally completed Europe!.

All in all it was ticking galore but we had a blast!

Once again thnx!


Cheers! :beers:
Glad you had to your fun! :wink: