Montreal - Quebec - St. Lawrence River-Gaspe

Hi, we are travelling through Quebec from Mai 16th to June 6th. We plan to got up to the Forillon National Parc. Do you have good recommendations along the route?

I have some notes and a custom google map I can share if you are interested. They may be a bit dated, as COVID cancelled my last trip to Quebec unfortunately. There are several breweries along the way, which I assume you are aware of.

Depending what teams are still playing in the playoffs there may be a QMJHL hockey game to see. We got great seats to see the Ramparts in Quebec City for a very reasonable price during the regular season. I assume playoffs are not outrageous.

La Mauricie National Park has been on my todo list for a while now.

In Montreal there is (were?) kayaking and Bixi rental bike stations out near Messorem and Microbrasserie 4 Origines. Sounds fun, but I haven’t done it myself.

Thanks for you reply! Yes, very interested in your map.
Have you ever been to Forillon? Its a long way from Tadoussac.
The hint for the QMJHL was great, don`t thinck the Senator will reach the playoffs.

The Cideries are all along the southern part (sheerbrook)?

I sent you a PM with some links.

There are a couple of cideries just west of Montreal and just west of Quebec City but yes, there are several of them along the Canada-US border between Montreal and Sherbrooke.

No I have not been to Forillion.

Did Montreal and Quebec all the way to Tadoussac in 2019. I have no idea how much has changed since.
I very much enjoyed Montreal. There was plenty to do. We spent full 3-4 days there and all I remember it was fun. We did lots of walking (just to see the city), but public transport was very comfy.
Quebec was disappointment to me. If I leave aside touristy areas it felt like dead town to me. Very few places which had good quality beers. Mostly macros everywhere.
If you are travelling by car there is an Ile d’Orleans just east of Quebec which had quite a few wineries on it. Google (at the time) promised that some cideries too, but I couldn’t find any. We did our mandatory maple syrup farm tour on that island too, was nice place.
There were some breweries on the way to Tadoussac along the road, but nothing super exciting.
You can check my place ratings: Marduk's from Reval user profile and beer ratings |

Yes, at our first trip to Canada we enjoyed Montral as well.
@Marduk: You never been to Forillon, right?
We are nor sure, if we should go there. Really nice Lands end, but it is two days of driving for Forllon and Perce? MAybe it is more interesting to visit the area between Montreal an Sherbrook.

Make sure to stop in Trois-Rivières for Le Temps d’une Pinte

One of the best brewpub experiences I had anywhere, when passing by in 2017 :slight_smile:

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I guess it depends on what you want to do on your trip! :slight_smile: I hear good things about Forillon and the Gaspe region but it is definitely more remote. There are other scenic outdoor things to see closer to Montreal and Quebec City as well if you don’t want to drive so far. You have lots of days depending how many you have already committed to other things?

Quebec City is very popular amongst North Americans as it is very “old” (by North American standards) and has a European feel, but I find people coming from Europe sometimes don’t find it as charming as they already have that kind of “old city” feel in Europe! I did not visit Ile d’Orleans myself but heard that it was nice.

No we didn’t go to Forillon for the same reason you are hesitating… time. And distance. I’m from a small (and mostly flat) country so distances in Canada were bit scary to me (even with my driving experience).
But we decided to rent a car from Quebec and drive to Tadoussac. I have to tell you it was beautiful ride for us. You can start near Quebec by visiting Parc de la Chute-Montmorency.
But it all depends how much time you have.

Ah, thanks. Yeah, at the moment, Forillon and Gaspe/Perce have been removed from the list. We stay for 3 weeks and a have a car. I am used to drive a lot and I enjoyed driving in Canada.

3 weeks! Maybe you should reconsider Forillon/Percé. Forillon is a great nature park, I’ve been there twice, the hike to Cape Gaspé is worth it. Since your not going in the high season, Percé won’t be over loaded with tourist, take the boat tour for Percé Rock/Bonaventure Island if you can and just south you have Pit Caribou and if they are open, Auval Brewing Co.

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@MartinT any suggestions that were skipped? :smiley: